However, at street crossings are still being traded with it, almost like in the nineties. The brisk trade — before the holidays. The police together with the “Gormost” regularly conduct raids but the traders appear again. The correspondent of RIAMA walked in a few major Metropolitan crossings and find out who buys perfume and fruit with it, how much is the “trading place” and how authorities are struggling with sellers is illegal.

Matryoshka dolls for tourists and mittens in great demand

Tuesday, 4 PM, it gets dark. In the transition from Savelovsky station the police just dispersed the homeless with alcohol and “scans” the area in search of traffickers, illegal immigrants, but there are usually a few.

“Should go, as they again run across with your stuff,” police officer must be frowning. I’m going to ENEA and “Slavic Boulevard”. “On the Riga look, there are also a hotbed” — he shouts after him.

Long underground passage on the “Slavic Boulevard” recalls flea market. Decomposed on cardboard and pieces of cloth, two feet from each other, the crowd of traders, wrapped in down jackets and frayed jeans, mostly of retirement age. They sell items of Soviet life, trifles from home, seasonal clothes. And then bystanders come to look at vintage brooches and vases.

Here you can order the measurement of biofield flat out.

Spread a little of the product, the price is from 100 to 1000. Ask my grandfather, who was laid out on a kitchen towel, old toys, do not mind to sell. “The buyer more than memories” with no hesitation, he pushes.

Near the metro — the flow of pedestrians is huge. To go further, you have to hug the wall. Running past the girl says: “compared to shopping center is “Oceania”, buy mittens here is much cheaper”.

Grandma sells socks, not hide, where does the product. “I have a friend from Belarus brings in large quantities, I have a couple sell for 100 rubles and give her a cent. One day all dare! Other stuff for sale take in the shops or from home,” she says.

Some customers in the transition — the tourists. For half an hour near the “window” with dolls 700 rubles a small crowd had gathered. “We have Souvenirs in Italy buy. The demand is there!”, — advertises the clerk, giving the change to the young man who thanked her in English.

While considering wooden figures, she begins to rush her colleagues are packing their goods in big checkered bags. According to her, the police runs every hour. Over time, there clearly watch live dashes will not have time to emerge — would have to quit.

As reported by RIAMA GBU “Gormost”, who oversees including pedestrian tunnels Slavyansky Bulvar (Slavic Boulevard, 3) and “VDNH” (Prospekt Mira, d. 150) and “Riga” (the World prospectus, d. 78), employees of the enterprise carry out daily monitoring of engineering structures to establish the facts of illegal trade in places of mass congestions of people.

“In case of detection of illegal trade information is immediately transmitted to GU MVD of Russia in Moscow service of “102” for action in accordance with the law”, — is spoken in the message of “Gormost”.

In addition, according to the press service of the Ministry, a weekly basis in cooperation with the Commission of the Moscow Department of trade and services hold events for elimination of illegal trade, including in the underground pedestrian tunnels of the GBU “Gormost”.

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The queue for oranges and “tariffs” for a place

In an underground tunnel at the Riga station, sell mostly food products, including vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, a lot of customers there.

Eye catches a table, cluttered with containers of nuts at 100. Fit and immediately ask the documents for the goods. The guy behind the counter throws up his hands: “I’m self-employed, what the owner says, I do.”

The transition center suddenly offer minerals like on the market in Yekaterinburg. Tables are covered in amethysts, fluoride, pyrrhotite — in the words of the saleswoman, the goods are not from the Urals, and the Caucasus. Price — from 500 to 10 000 rubles apiece. “Lovers will understand. These things are worth the money” — it is important she explains.

Near fell of the cart with fruits and vegetables — according to the seller, from Greece and Turkey. In addition to apples and bananas here, persimmons, pomegranates, mango, pallets with large blueberries and mulberry. Three large avocados can be bought for a hundred rubles, so many people take the packages.

Immediately evident — from the police here don’t run: the decomposed goods in large quantities, and the sellers in the blue aprons, as in the supermarket.

“I kilogrammchik tomatoes and oranges weigh” — asks the man, digging in the smartphone. A woman in a white coat with displeasure shoots at him with eyes: “Young man, this is the place!” The impression that came in the nineties.

A little to the side stands a large man wearing a cap, watching the working process. Speaking with him under the pretext that you want to sell here, know the local rules.

“All the head of head of transition. He would give permission, if you do not sell what is already presented here. With small point — about 500 rubles a day, with large — 1000 rubles”, — says the source. According to him, all the documents for the goods in stock, but when I asked to show them, says he left in the car, and in a hurry to leave.

According to the “Gormost”, the adoption of administrative measures against offenders is vested in the Executive authorities of cities — prefectures and justices.

In the Prefecture of the Central administrative district and the district Council the question of restraint of illegal trade is kept under control. A mobile team composed of staff from the Council and POLICE at the Meshchansky district conducts ongoing operational and preventive measures on revealing and suppression of illegal trade on the territory of the district, including in the underpass “Riga”.

“For the period from 1 January 2018 3 December 2018 to the Council of the Meshchansky district received 7 complaints of citizens about the facts of illegal trade on Mira Avenue, 92. The Council is composed of 17 protocols, violators were brought to administrative responsibility”, — said RIAMA Deputy prefect TSAO Arthur nikitiuk.

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Frozen chrysanthemum and Chanel discount

In the transition to “VDNKH”, near the “Cosmos” hotel and the bus station, its range of: flowers, perfume, cellphone accessories, a “rainbow” umbrella, in season fruits and berries. Here trade from 8 am until 10-11 PM, every day and in any weather.

“Choose the umbrella, fit, not shy! A great gift for the New year! I have a thousand, stores 2500”, beckoning a brisk lady, shifting from foot to foot from the cold. Girl in a cheap coat makes a purchase — I liked the design. Inspired by the sale, the seller is on the move changes the advertising slogan: “Take an umbrella! I have a thousand, stores four!”

After suitable middle-aged woman and said with a smile: “Very beautiful and high quality umbrellas, itself I think to buy. You do not think I do not advertise!”

Immediately fell in grandma’s old books and knitted handmade, laid out on cardboard. Her range varies depending on the season. In the fall compassionate passerby will certainly buy a mini-bouquet from the nearby flower bed — 300 rubles is not a pity, and grandma is nice. At the same time, she advises to buy “a very good book on philosophy”.

Unfortunately, the attempt to acquire flowers in this transition was a disappointment. Pink chrysanthemum caps (500 roubles for a bouquet of 5 pieces) was very icy and not at home stood and day.

To the ladies ‘ set was complete, next to the flower girl is African-American with a perfume. On his cart — the most popular brands, all Packed. I wonder who needs counterfeit spirits in transition with so many perfume shops, which are constantly discounts? Now everything is clear: there is 100 ml of “Chanel chance” I ask 1500 roubles, and from the market give it for 1200. Try to call the dealer on revelation: “But they’re not real?” In response he exclaims: “Very good spirits!” and gives a sniff of a piece of paper from the “Letual” and it smells like “Chanel”. If you are going to leave without buying, see obvious disappointment on the face of the dealer, but I immediately suited pair — a boy and a girl, intrigued by the product.

Even three or four sellers are small sacs attached to the stool and stuffed cheap accessories for mobile: charging 300 rubles, USB cords for 200, headphones under 500 Apple. Here is the purchase of phones.

“Headphones from China, the originals, among other things. Take the goods from the stores. Want to hear how you sound? Pay!” — says the seller.

Runs past a man with a backpack and throws on the move: “Take it, girl, you will not regret”. Get the bill, and the seller instantly dobreet. But suddenly his face drawn, he grabs the bag, others shouting: “Police!” All the inhabitants of the transition abruptly run out into the street, earphones and remain in my hands. But, after a few moments, after the police had left, everything are in their places, and to leave the post does not expect until late at night.

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“To undermine the economic base”

In a press-service of Prefecture SVAO note that in two years of struggle with illegal immigrants managed to achieve some success.

“Go to VDNKH — one of our sore points, with the unrest in which we successfully fought. In places with large flow of people the temptation of illegal trade, but there is also a wide transportation network. Traders logic: time goes so many people, someone will buy it. We try to keep tight control and to turn the tide in our favor,” said RIAMA employee a press-services.

According to him, the need to undermine the “economic base” of the traders — to profit from illegal sales of fewer fines.

“Because after patrols, the illegal immigrants often return, we have taken serious measures: set a police bus near transition, by organizing the attendance of employees. So offenders don’t have to deliver to the station for identification, and you can issue on the spot. The risk is forcing dealers to refuse sales at this point. We continue in the same spirit as the people do not understand — trade is impossible and unprofitable,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In turn, the press center of the MIA of Russia in Moscow RIAMA said that car and foot patrols PPSP identify and suppress illegal trade, and the perpetrators delivered to the Council on areas for the preparation of administrative reports under article 11.13 of the administrative code of Moscow.

“For 10 months of 2018 police officers together with representatives of the Department of trade and services of Moscow took part in 52 raids to curb illegal trade on the territory of the city, the results of which are brought to administrative responsibility 203 of the offender,” — said in the Metropolitan Chapter of the police. While separate statistics on crime in the subways is not conducted.

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