Therefore, the accessory bought in large quantities.

The company’s specialists Ceros did a big study and determined which Apple products were the most popular over the past two years. It turned out that one of the most frequently purchased accessories has become charging cable for iPhone. According to experts, the reason for the large number of purchases is that the cable is too easy to break or break.

Charging cable for iPhone has been consistently rated in the top three most frequently bought Apple products in 2016. Moreover, a few blocks accessory at all here in the first place.

Experts believe that users are quite quickly break or tear charging cables, which they have to buy a new one. Among owners of iPhone and iPad indeed there is a widespread view that charging cables are not strong enough. Apple has been repeatedly asked to rectify the situation and strengthen the weak places charging cable.

As for other popular Apple products over the past two years, they have become an adapter with a 3.5 mm connector on Lightning and AirPods wireless headphones. AirPods and climbed to first place in the ranking only in the second quarter of 2018.

It is important to note that the study does not account iPhone. Otherwise, of course, Apple would have been the top-selling products of the company.


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