Xiaomi company has developed a battery charger 65W USB ZMI, able to work even with the technique of Apple — has a corresponding certificate. Charging is a small box with three USB ports, and it is very inexpensive in comparison with analogues.

Memory Xiaomi ZMI 65W USB is exactly 22 USD and you can buy it right now directly in China. The color of the case is that only one silver, but in the future it is possible appearance of other colors. For these relatively small money charge, executed in a minimalist style, ready to offer two USB ports-A at 20 watts each and one USB-C power as much as 45 watts. Supports multiple operating modes — 5 V/3A, 9V/2.2 A and 12 V/1,7 A.

In other words, ZMI 65W USB can charge all smartphones and tablets, plus it is quite suitable for some modern laptops. For example, last year Apple iPhone X can charge in just 2 hours, and the iPad Pro will charge about 3 hours. Inside the ZMI 65W USB is the battery of unknown capacity, so that the device can work even without connection to a power outlet. About the battery level can be judged by the testimony of the led ring on the top face of the housing.

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