The Internet opens new opportunities. Soon in our disposal there will be virtual people or chat bots. Exciting, but risky. “Chat motomania” in the world was launched three years ago. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon Echo, Google created voice assistants. Big brands use them for conversations with customers to increase profit by reducing staff costs and improving the quality of information.

In Russia already familiar with chat bots when you make online orders, call the office or finding a route. In the future they will help with the ordering of goods and will replace the Secretary, stylist and psychologist (Woebot). Bots will be able to teach and make a monitoring of the news, to plan and conduct a meeting. They even will be a force to calm (yoga-bots).

The system programming dialog is embedded in messaging and business communication. Basically the Internet traffic is already generated by bots.

The Washington Post launched bot for refinement of sentiment and artificial control opinion (astroturfing). However, most Americans do not feel enthusiastic in this regard. In the sphere of science and education bots will also find application. Homes will become smart — they will be equipped with interactive devices.

According to psychologists, we start to believe and can fall under the influence and dependence of “big data”. But still, in contrast to the monotonous work of complex processes will not work to transfer into automatic mode. It is believed that without emotional intelligence bots will not be able to quickly turn into a self-learning artificial neural network and replace the man with his quest for knowledge and creativity. However, some scientists believe that at a certain stage of development of artificial intelligence it will be able to achieve an unprecedented human ability to self-study and dizzying creative heights. Moreover, in our lifetime…

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