But there is one usloviia knew there was one interesting situation where Apple can replace broken iPhone for a new one?

One Reddit user said the staff of the Genius Bar replaced the iPhone X with a broken screen for only $29.

The essence of that guy smashed smartphone screen, but it have subscribed to AppleCare+. Thanks to her, replacing a broken screen costs $29.

During repair, the employees lost the mounting screw, so I made the decision to replace the smartphone for a new one.

And the answer was very simple. The rules of the company stipulate that if during the repair of any Apple gadget was damaged, the cupertinos can replace the device for a new one. And all this for the cost of repair, to pay for a replacement is not required.

This applies not only to participants of the program AppleCare+. But those who just came to fix something in your device.


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