In Chelyabinsk in the first days of sales were sold out iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro. And this despite the fact that the cost of new mobile phones of up to 130 thousand rubles, and the average salary in Chelyabinsk, according to statistics, slightly more than 30 thousand rubles. As reports a site “KP-Cheljabinsk” at the moment in the city you can find only low cost options iPhone 11 with a minimum memory of 64 GB for 90 thousand rubles. More feature-rich models in the shops just left, and buyers are forced to make a pre-order. Many expect the goods about 10 days.

Most fans of American devices have come to the salons on the day of the start of sales. Chelyabinsk, before you make a purchase, chose to hold their hands and only then make your choice, noted the Manager on public relations of the Chelyabinsk branch of MTS Dmitry Saltanovich.

The sellers say that the queues in the shops were little. People just came and bought what was, and went back home.

Note that the high demand for new model of Apple’s phone is associated with a major improvement in camera features and increased battery life. The new iPhone 11 once the three cameras, which became even easier to make high-quality images, if not removed on the phone and a professional camera.

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