The staff of the social networks Facebook and Instagram will be carefully monitored so that they do not have children.

Now the accounts of all who have not attained the age of 13 will be removed from social networking due to the new policy of the company Mark Zuckerberg.

Until that point, the moderators rarely blocked Facebook users under the age of 13, as strict rules in this respect, the company was not. Employees of the social network simply “pretended to be blind” and ignored such account.

Now the rules have changed, and the moderators will have to carefully monitor the users, to identify adolescents under the age of 13 and block their account. How exactly will the process is built, and how many user accounts were affected in the near future, is unknown. Probably know just what to expel from Facebook and Instagram just will not work.

The restriction at the age of 13 caused by the law of the United States of America where it is prohibited to register in social networks, reaching a certain age.


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