One of the owners children’s smart watch of the company Elari has found that in the software of the gadget there is a serious error, which can endanger the lives of children.

As it turned out, any user with some programming skills can add to the official app Elari hours data with other users. This means that any hacker is able to track the movement of children. A real Paradise for criminals.

Detected the error the user tried to get in touch with the developers of hours, but those not in a hurry to solve the problem and eliminate errors in the system. In fact, for this reason it is not sharing the way to “add” other people’s children in the application.

It is also worth noting that Elari is just one of the brands under which it sells electronic watch, the Chinese company Wherecom. So, the threat Podenzano much large number of people.

According to the user who found vulnerability in the operating system hours, they are still not resolved. So before buying such devices for their children should think good, but better is to make a choice in favor of a more reliable manufacturer.


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