Blackmail money might not pass. The Americans have a powerful argument.

Throughout the last week so allegedly broke out a conflict in which the General Manager of the “Houston rockets” Daryl Maury who brought the NBA and Basketball Association of China, was like a mothballed. After a series of sharp movements on both sides, it’s time to think about the situation and make a decision that could change the sports world for many years.

What happened

So, what the conflicting parties came to an end the Asian tour of NBA teams. After Mori’s tweet in support of the protests in Hong Kong, followed by immediate reaction of the Chinese side. Yao Ming is not only the main basketball people in China, but also incredibly influential man in the political sphere, suspended cooperation with the rockets. In this article you can find out more about the origins of the conflict:

In the first stage the most important interested persons the NBA condemned Mori. In particular, the main star of the rocket, James harden. The man who is so indebted to Daryl that took an unprecedented wave of indignation from American fans. However, after League Commissioner Adam silver spoke for the right Daryl openly Express its position, the star’s shoes. And then the consequences began to grow like a snowball.

The causes of resentment of China

For China since the colonial wars were extremely important was sovereignty. The same Hong Kong has long been under the colonial influence of Britain. The town developed at different political and economic laws than China. Was there a multiparty system and no wars. It was free basically and economically developed city. After decolonization, the contract was signed, according to which Beijing pledged to support the autonomy of the city. Hong Kong was left behind a legal system, a multiparty system, civil rights, including freedom of speech.

Why do Americans support the protests in Hong Kong?

However, in recent years, the Beijing carefully rebuilt the system by putting in key positions loyal to the China people. They began to start implementing the laws, which bring the autonomy under the standards of China. In fact, the agreement between Hong Kong and China, valid until 2047 may become obsolete much earlier. Now we understand the motivation of Beijing, which is not a free Hong Kong, especially in the context of a trade war with the United States.

In fact, the rest of the world sees this: Hong Kong was originally developed in a different way, with a free and competitive economy, without any restrictions and pointing finger of the party. It was free and developed (in universal sense) city, whose inhabitants feel which way the wind blows. And the wind blows them to China. If you put aside biases and ideology, the rest of the world supports the right of people to keep the really important values to oppose the dictatorship.

What we have now

In fact, the initial sudden movement of the same nuclear weapons, demonstrate that Mori rights. Who, if not he carefully versed in the political system and the economy of China? After all, this is Daryl from Minh opened the cash flows from China to the NBA. Now these streams can be reduced significantly. At least for the moment. The telecommunications giant Tencent, in which the NBA had a contract of $1.5 billion for 5 years, and state broadcaster CCTV has suspended broadcasts of the games the rockets.

Nike has removed all paraphernalia of the club with the Chinese version of the official website. Games that do not broadcast in China, moreover, the local sports authorities have banned the players of the Lakers and the nets to give comments after the matches and outside the arena. You can say: the boss, and you’re right. But this question we shall return later.

Why in America began to hatiti League?

So we see only a small fraction of the pressure that the US is Beijing. No matter what anyone said, but it is in China the most promising developing economy, it is the most promising investment and trade market. The fact that in mass rejection of China’s political system, the policy of the CRC aimed at improving the welfare of the middle class. And this has already led to a sharp increase in consumer ability of the vast number of Chinese.

And in order to be in this market, many leading American and European corporations are alien to American understanding the simple rules of the game. Of the recent contentious situations by way of apology went “Mercedes”, “Apple” (pulled from your store VPN application), hotel chain MARRIOTT apologized for the fact that the menu on the website of the Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau were listed as a separate state. The list goes on. Public dismissal from corporations over the open support of Hong Kong are massive.

China used to blackmail partners

Now move to the main. China is blackmailing the partners threatening to cut them off from the market, which in 2018 is the same “Mercedes” had sold more than 600 thousand cars, which is almost 24 percent of all sales. What is there freedom of speech? It would seem that in this case it should be resolved in favor of the NBA. There was talk that the League will have to go on the reduced salary cap (this topic we will discuss later). To apologize in this situation, no one will, intervened and influential congressmen.

As we mentioned, all corporate conflicts were solved within the walls of the high offices and was not given wide publicity. Apologies another Western partner was broadcast on the public channels and taken for granted. In fact, simple Chinese hardly lost anything due to withdrawal from the market of a Mercedes. Came to a different manufacturer in all segments and chopped the cabbage. All previous economically-politically the victory of Beijing had no publicity nor in China nor in the rest of the world. The parties quietly agreed “no cameras” and looked all grandly and nobly.

Why Beijing will put on the brakes

Now the situation is radically different. According to estimates, NBA, over 300 million people in China play basketball — this figure is almost equal to the total population of the United States. Last year, 800 million Chinese viewers watched (for money!) broadcast League matches on digital platforms. At first, the fans in the Network wrote that great will cost a pirate broadcasts. But by the end of the week, when the situation has not progressed in any way, the statements become more and more alarming. For the first time in many years, simple Chinese falls under the distribution because of the geopolitical interests of the management. And no one can guarantee that “pirates” will block.

But here the party leadership should think about the image. For the past 6-7 years, the country is investing incredible amount of money in preparation for the Olympic games in 2022, which will be held in Beijing. Such scandals are not good for the country-the organizer. If the situation will develop under the worst scenario, the United States can take retaliatory steps. It is impossible to exclude even a boycott.

Little conspiracy

Couldn’t Adam silver speak so categorically without consulting with the powers that be. From the situation is ideal for the first time from the United States followed a specific response. The lull that we saw in the last days, it is more logical and should be completed by agreement of the parties. Beijing must understand that in this case, their principles may cost them more than I would like.

After all, one cannot exclude the fact that this whole situation happened so difficult. Above we have painted, why China could not respond to the post Darryl Mori. That was a shame offensive to Beijing, the rest of the world is perceived quite differently. Freedom of speech and democratic values is now a serious trend. And if this topic starts to spin seriously, China can and in the sports plan to repeat the fate of Russia. To be a target for unsubstantiated accusations and punishments only because it is necessary.

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