In the network appeared information about the fact that the Central Committee of the Communist party of China through its own official newspaper “people’s daily” made accusations in Apple help to the rebels in Hong Kong. According to the publication, in this regard, the company will soon have problems with the Chinese authorities.

As it became known, we are talking about the iOS app HKmaps showing the location of police patrols on the streets of Hong Kong. Given the fact that now this area became more frequent riots, the Chinese authorities believe that the American company thus supports the rebels.

”No one wants to drag the Apple in the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. But people have reason to believe that Apple is mixing business with politics, and even illegal practices. Apple has to think about the consequences of his foolish and reckless decision,” warns Corporation, the local newspaper China Daily.

At the time of writing the news, Apple gave no official comment, but what is remarkable, the application HKmaps remained available for download in the App Store.

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