Apple removed from its App Store an application that allows you to monitor the movements of police in Hong Kong. Blizzard has removed from the tournament gamers, who spoke in support of the protesters. Despite the wave of criticism, the company has decided not to quarrel with China, putting in the forefront their income.

From App store app disappeared, which were actively used by residents of Hong Kong, reports The Verge. With it, the protesters who take to the streets in March of this year, monitored the movement of the police.

While Apple, which deliberately removed the service from your shop, claims that he broke the rules of the App Store.

“We created the App Store, so it was a safe and reliable place to search for apps. We learned that the application is used in such a way that endangers law enforcement and residents of Hong Kong. A large number of concerned clients from Hong Kong contacted us about this app and we immediately launched an investigation. The application displays the location of the police, and, as we have confirmed in Office of cyber security and technology crime Hong Kong, it was used for ambushes on police, have threatened public safety, and the criminals used it to persecute the inhabitants in those districts that were not law enforcement officers. This app violate our policies and local laws, so we removed it from the App Store” — said the press service.

The developer HKmap claims that the allegations by the cyber security Bureau in no way confirmed.

“App HKmap never encouraged criminal activity. HKmap combines information from the user and publicly available sources, such as streams of news, Facebook or Telegram”, — said the representative of the service.

It also became known that the App Store app missing news portal Quartz, as it is widely covered the protests in Hong Kong. It is reported that the reason for the removal was a complaint from the Chinese authorities.

In addition, the site Quartz has become available to all residents of mainland China.

It is easy to see, what Apple supports in the conflict between Hong Kong people and Beijing. However, the “Apple” are not the first to go on about the Chinese authorities — for anybody not a secret that most of the production is Apple located in China, so the company has to comply with all requirements of and respond to criticism from the Chinese government. The US President Donald trump has long offered the cupertinos to move all the factories in America, but the company is extremely profitable in economic terms.

Another company that came out openly against the protesters of Hong Kong and supported by Beijing, became the developer and publisher of computer games Blizzard. This week professional player in Hearthstone Chun Ng Wai, who plays under the nickname “Blitzchung” during an interview after the match said the need to “liberate Hong Kong”, as he hails from this city.

Shortly thereafter, Blizzard has removed him from games for a year and stripped of all prizes. This decision of the company, which, as expected, also has big plans for the Chinese market, has led to a barrage of criticism from both industry representatives and the American authorities.

“Blizzard has shown that they are willing to stoop, just to satisfy the Chinese Communist party. No American company should not drown out the calls for freedom for the sake of quick money,” said the Senator from the Democratic party Ron Wyden in his Twitter.

Blizzard employees also expressed disagreement with the actions of management, gave a little protest at the California office. The company employees took to the streets to Express dissatisfaction with this approach to the freedom fighters. Special sharpness this situation adds the fact that one of the provisions of the policy Blizzard is the phrase “Every vote counts”. Including it is embossed on the plate next to one of the offices of the company. After the incident with Chun Ng Vai the phrase stuck.

The confrontation between China and the United States is becoming more extensive as the trade added and others, analyst IK “freedom Finance” Alen Sabitov. This conflict confirms the thesis that the reason for initiation of the trump trade war is not declared, the trade deficit, and the struggle for leadership. In the end, hurts the economy and private business, as points of contact between the PRC and the United States in force on globalization of the world quite a lot.

“Recent examples in addition to cases removal app in the app Store, allows you to monitor the police in Hong Kong, and disqualification Blizzard eSports for their support of the protesters can recall the case with Nike. The recent comments of the representative of the basketball Association on issues of freedom of speech in China caused outrage and blocking the broadcasts of NBA games on Chinese television and platform Tencent. We are talking about a potential audience of 800 million viewers. In the end jeopardized, for example, sales of sports apparel Nike NBA symbolism that provoked the fall of the stock NKE 1.5% yesterday.

Such a sharp negative reaction reflects the dependence of many U.S. companies from the Chinese consumer.

Due to high growth rates above 6% for the past 20 years, China became the second largest economy in the world, is the second largest consumer market. For large us companies the development of the Chinese demand was one of the main drivers of revenue growth. For example, the share of revenues in China in five years, Apple grew from 16% to 20%, Nike 10% to 16%, Blizzard in General in Asia from 8% to 13%. So, it is not surprising that the deterioration of relations China and the United States so sensitive companies because of their dependence on the Chinese market has increased”, — concluded the source “Газеты.Ru”.

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