The less time remains until the autumn Apple presentation, the more new information about the yet unannounced Apple updates appears in the network. In most cases, are a new confirmation of earlier rumors. That’s exactly what happened with the information about the imminent release of the iPhone with two SIM-cards. This hearing confirmed the Chinese mobile operator China Telecom.

Of course, a complete confirmation of the question. In a network were found to show a banner ad which shows a smartphone that looks similar to the iPhone X. But most importantly, next to the machine is tray 2 SIM cards.

How genuine is published the banner is difficult to say. Users ‘ opinions have divided into two camps – some hope that Apple will indeed release a dual-SIM smartphone, while others see in the new image is not very skillful attempt to raise a little “noise”. As an argument, the last result in low image quality.

Who in the end is right, it will be clear in two days. On Wednesday, Apple is expected to introduce its new smartphones.


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