China intends to achieve the target of 40% of users of 5G in the world in the coming years — experts predict China is about 600 million subscribers to the network by 2025.

Rapidly exciting new markets, China drew attention to the commercial services 5G. The country can take a leading position Beijing intends to lead the wireless technology of the next generation. London trade organization GSMA confirms the validity of the expectations.

“According to forecasts, by 2025 the number of subscribers 5G in the world will increase to 1.6 billion 1.4 billion Growth will be provided by China in accordance with the development plans of Chinese operators”, — said the head of the GSMA Greater China of Sihan Bo Chen, the Chinese news Agency Xinhua.

Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies (CAICT), in turn, has published a report that presents China’s spending on 5G between 2020 and 2025. According to analysts, they range from 900 to 1.5 trillion yuan ($130, 2 billion to $217 billion).

The Chinese have already rushed to the Internet battle. The Telecom giants have installed the 86 base stations 5G, 5G cover in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Vice-Minister of industry and information technology China Chen Jason said that at the end of this year, the number of such stations in the country will exceed 130 thousand.

Note that mobile technology has become the key to dominance in such areas as production automation, robotics, and Autonomous driving. The first commercial 5G services have already launched in South Korea, the USA, Australia and UK. However, the massive scale of use of new generation networks is expected from China.

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