Over the past few years Apple has made a number of changes in its policy warranty service, tightening terms. As it became known recently, most innovations were aimed at combating fraudulent schemes. They are most common in China.

Sources report that in 2012-2013, the Chinese scammers are earning a huge amount of warranty replacement iPhone. They initially bought your iPhone in official Apple stores, but soon returned the purchase, citing hardware failure.

The past really was. However, they artificially created by themselves “buyers.” They literally dismantled the new iPhone, took out of expensive original parts and then installed in their place non-working or non-original components. In the future, the removed parts were used to repair other vehicles, and the new iPhone, received in return, the attackers were sold in other cities of China.

Most often, these schemes were turned in the Apple Store, located in Shenzhen. According to some, for a short period of time the number of returns at this store more than three times higher than the number of returns of the flagship models of the iPhone in the most famous Apple retail store on 5th Avenue in new York.

Apple initially did not pay much attention to the check, deposited under warranty smartphones. The only thing that drew the attention of the staff is the lack of visible damage. However, after the annual expenses for warranty service exceeded the planned budget by more than 2 times and reached $ 3.7 billion, the company has decided to tighten the warranty policy.

Initially, Apple used special software to identify vehicles with non-original components. However, this method was ineffective because the hackers quickly found ways to bypass it. For this reason, Apple had to abandon the practice of instant issuance of mobile devices to replace and start sending iPhone to check in the repair centers. Thus, the company was able to identify thousands of devices with non-original components. Later, the cupertinos have gone even further – they started using their devices for special substrates and sealants to chips and batteries. All this has allowed the company to reduce the cost of warranty service.


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