Relations between China and the United States once again strained to the limit. China has decided to respond to the actions of the United States and Canada and recently in China banned the sale of equipment “EPL” (Apple), and today was detained Michael Covrig and Michael Spavor. The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China, Lu Kang said that both the canadian citizen had carried out activities threatening the national security of China. Chinese microblogger portal “Sina wave hotel” (Sina Weibo) discuss these events and, as true patriots, are happy to change the American smartphone “Huawei”, to support China and to protest against the policy of the United States.

Kaohsiung dabao: arrest is a result of the fact that China acts in accordance with the law, the case of man Wanzhou is the big deal. More I have nothing to say…

Lizzylizardson: I think the point Meng Wanzhou to be a new round of trade war. The reason is very simple — the US wants to trump any political achievements. China can not lose, so desperately fighting, and the redemption of man Wanzhou will become a new stage of trade war between countries, but possibly in 90 days it will no longer be relevant.

Ananana: Canada should apologize to the Chinese people. Meng Wanzhou even made pizza sitting at the door of the house to journalists. You can understand that she is a strong Chinese woman, brought up in Eastern traditions, still beautiful

Tianyi Janmangal: #adrenalectomies China finally answered the USA and Canada: caught a canadian spy, was forbidden to sell “IPhones”. China has shown a firm position and not allow all sorts of poor countries that try to imitate US, to offend China. Negligible Canada still dared to “annoy” (original profanity — approx. transl.) China, that was uncalled for, to consider the Chinese as “sick of East Asia” (an expression used to Express a dismissive attitude to the Chinese — approx.transl.).

In the ranking of world beauties: I use a smartphone “Huawei”, my boyfriend loves “EPL”, I told him to change the phone, but it does not change… Decided to change the guy

Жуньси0214: #naseleniya Say we need to support domestic producers, changed your “IPhone” on the “Huawei Мэйт20”

Law abiding citizen: Canada needs to restore the reputation of the man and Wanzhou to let her go!

Unenhance: Hooray! Support the initiative! Now the production company “EPL” (Apple) cannot be imported!

hg8088_aas: I Read about the “Huawei”. It almost completely ruined the relationship between China and the United States. Trump is shining from joy, China doesn’t even know how to respond.

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