Chinese startup Timekettle released wireless headphones for simultaneous translation with support for Russian language. The translation is done in real time, which allows virtually unimpeded to talk with native speakers.

Funds for the project were collected through the crowdfunding platform — so the idea impress potential users. Wireless headphones translators WT2 Plus from Timekettle able to translate speech from 21 languages, to recognize different English accents and, more importantly, to translate the Russian language. The creators are planning eventually to add 15 more languages that will be available for simultaneous translation.

The device works in conjunction with a smartphone. Headset translators processes the recorded segment of direct speech is no longer than 15 seconds, and 5 seconds puts it into the desired language. Using a headset is only possible in a pair — each participant of the dialogue sticks in the ear of the interpreter, sets up the app on your smartphone and then begins to make the transfer.

Headphones-translators work without recharging for 5 hours, but paired with a magnetic cover, like Air Pods or other wireless headphones, the performance increases up to 12 hours. A new translator is slightly inferior in price to the aforementioned Air Pods on the official website they can be ordered for $219, while the mastodons wireless sound will cost $159.

Headset WT2 Plus from Timekettle was first presented at the consumer electronics show CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The translation is carried out through the services of automatic translation Google and Microsoft. As reports the edition “Tech+”, citing Sydney Morning Herald, the translation accuracy reaches 95%.

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