In a recently released iPhone and iPhone Xs Xr uses the processor Apple A12 Bionic, its performance outperforms many of its competitors. If you remember the Apple A12X installed in iPad Pro 2018, this chip can compete with some processors for portable computers. However, according to recent data, the next mobile chip, Apple will be even more powerful.

According to the famous Explorer under the name Longhorn, has repeatedly obnarujivaesh information to enable them to make educated guesses about upcoming Apple news, the next Apple processor has the code name of Cebu and the index of the T8030.

A distinctive feature of the A13 Apple will support AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), used for remote access to files in Apple’s OS X. Thus, it is possible to say that the new Apple chip will be used not only in mobile devices but also laptops. While it is likely that for portable computers, the cupertinos will create a special, more powerful version of Apple A13.

Recall that the rumors about the possible emergence of a MacBook with ARM processors began to appear on the network a few years ago. But this year, sources reported that the cupertinos seriously undertook such a project.


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