Chip A13 Bionic for new iPhone 11 has become the most powerful chip for smartphones on the market
Yesterday at the Apple presentation at the Apple campus Park, the company introduced the new iPhone 11. In addition, the company said that the new chip A13 Bionic was the most powerful chip in the smartphone market.

A13 Bionic comparison with other models of chips

In the new chips Apple uses a 7-nm transistors, but as on the previous model of the chip A12 Bionic. However, the new chip is equipped with more than 8.5 billion transistors. This allowed the chip to run up to 1 trillion operations per second. Recall that in the previous model was only 6.9 billion transistors.

The chip was built a special module responsible for machine learning. Thanks to the module all tasks related to machine learning will be performed faster. As a result, the performance of the new chip was 20% higher. And energy consumption decreased by as much as 30%.

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