As reported by Digital Trends, chip T2 causes a malfunction to the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro that can be a serious problem for the further use of these computers.

According to Apple support, the first complaints about the stability of iMac Pro appeared in the middle of January 2018.

Despite the fact that the main load when working with iMac Pro and MacBook Pro have the Intel processors, for T2 also were used. The chip performs the functions of a hard disk controller, is responsible for the FaceTime, involved in the process of booting macOS and is used for many other tasks. To ensure the efficiency of T2 is used BridgeOS.

However, it seems T2 is not able to cope with such ambiguity, so its kernel periodically fail, resulting in system failure. When the load increases the computers goes down several times a day.

Support Apple offers several solutions, but none of them is optimum and does not guarantee 100% effectiveness.

MacBook Pro 2018 no luck. First, the model was discovered, problems with the keyboard, and then there were complaints of overheating, and now because of the chip T2 users won’t be able to restore data in case of failure of the motherboard, but, most likely, will be forced to constantly look for ways to maintain the stable work of a laptop.


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