MOSCOW, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. The outgoing year has brought many reasons to smile. Among the curiosities that will be remembered in 2018 — chewing trio in the headdress of the match Russia-Spain during the world Cup, a discussion about auditory illusions laurel vs yanny, in which participated the President of the United States Donald trump, and lost due to losing a bet mustache ex-presidential candidate Pavel Grudinina.

Amused media and users of social networks IPhone, bought a tub of trifle, Siri voice assistant, decided to tell the head of the British Ministry of defense during his speech in Parliament and the mass theft of cardboard pictures of Olga Buzova.

Who that hears laurel, yanny and covfefe

In social networks in the past year the topic of discussion was audio recording, which different people hear are two completely different words: laurel (Laurel, sounds like “Laurel”) and yanny (“Jenny”). White house staff led by President Donald trump joined the debate over this auditory illusion. 45-second video posted to Twitter the White house, administration officials offer their version heard.

In General, the advantage remained for the word laurel, in particular, heard the daughter of Ivanka trump and Advisor to the President of Kellyann Conway. Vice-President Mike Pence asked who Jenny.

To emphasize the comic nature of the shooting, who performed the last trump with a straight face said that covfefe hears the word became a meme, thanks to the typo of the President. A year ago, trump wrote on Twitter, “Despite the constant negative covfefe in the press” without finishing his thought. Apparently, it was assumed the word coverage (“coverage”), but the mysterious word covfefe the day has become the most popular Twitter hashtag in the us.

Trump and candy

At the G7 summit in Canada, the U.S., the President noted the unusual for a policy-level approach to discussion. As told by the American political analyst Ian Bremmer to CBS, Donald trump during the summit threw some candy in the side of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to the analyst, this happened towards the end of the summit, when the leaders tried to put pressure on trump to he signed a common communiqué on the outcome of the meeting. In the end, trump agreed to sign the document.

“After that, he stood up, put his hand in his jacket pocket, pulled out two candy Starbursts, and threw them on the table and said: “Here, angel, don’t say I never give you nothing”, — said Bremmer.

The G7 countries at the last summit almost the first time are faced with a lack of consensus on major economic and political international issues. Meeting in La Malbaie, even dubbed “G6 + trump,” referring to the special US position on several key issues. The President of the United States Donald trump prematurely left the meeting and put its results into question and stated that the United States will not support the final communiqué of the G7.

Ball for President

The reason for the jokes was and is a gift of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump: at a press conference following the meeting in Helsinki, the Russian leader gave the President of the United States soccer ball to commemorate the football world Cup held in Russia. Before that, the journalist asked Putin whether it was true that Syria is now “the ball is on Russian side.”

“As for the fact that in Syria, the ball is on our side. The President said that we have finished and successfully held the world Cup about the ball… Mr. President the ball to pass — now the ball is on his side”, — Putin said, giving Trump the official soccer ball for the 2018 world Cup.

Later, Bloomberg reported that this goal could theoretically be used by hackers to attacks on the phone, since it is integrated chip with antenna, which makes the exchange of data with nearby devices. The Agency notes that the probability of such an attack is extremely small. This message was the reason for politicians ‘ comments and jokes in social networks.

Later U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham offered to check the gift for listening devices. National intelligence of the United States in response has assured that the ball is “under close supervision”. And the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, commenting on the message, explained that all gifts intended for public officials, are tested for safety, it is a common practice.

Three chewing

During the world Cup, held in Russia during the 1/8 final match between Russia and Spain, the operators showed fans in the stands, a woman and two men in headdresses, quietly munching sausage rolls in the stands “Luzhniki”.

Videos and photos have spread around the Internet, the image quickly became a meme, and the Trinity — Dmitry Hnatiuk, Inna Kale and their nephew, Yuri Gnatyuk — suddenly became famous.

After Russia’s victory over Spain, the organizers of the world Cup have invited Dmitry Gnatyuk, Inna Kale and Yuri Hnatiuk in Sochi on the match of 1/4 of the world championship on football between the teams of Russia and Croatia — to see it, the latter-day celebrities only had to sit in the stands in the same order in the headdress — with sausages, of course.

Guests of the hotel where he stayed colorful fans immediately recognized the famous Trinity, and rapidly welcomed them with applause, and then bombarded with questions and requests to be photographed.

Ate Oracle

It is no secret that during big sports events organizers and fans love to “prescribe” the oracles of animals, expecting that they will predict the outcome of matches. In Japan a fisherman Kimio Abe predictors chose octopus named Rubio. He was caught in S — the name of the city and gave it a name: it is read from the end of the letters, the syllables of the name of the city.

Catch it fisherman Abe considered that thus it will draw attention to his hometown, which is home to slightly more than 3 thousand people. In General, the population lives by fishing giant octopus, scallops and sea urchins. Rubio was caught June 19, Abe put him in the pool, divided into three parts — the area of Japan area of the country-rival and area draw. The octopus had to move to a particular area and stay there for some time.

Rubio First accurately predicted the outcome of all three matches for Japan in the group, after which, performing its intended purpose, was shipped with the neighbors on the shelves.

Later, Abe caught another octopus — Rubio Second. Rubio Second, obviously knowing what his fate will befall, did not bother the accuracy of forecasts and promised Japan’s success not only in the match against Belgium in the quarterfinals against the winner of the game Brazil — Mexico. During the match of 1/8 final of the Japanese team led with the score 2:0, but then conceded three goals and were eliminated from the world Cup.

Parking for horse

A curious incident occurred in the past year on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka region Mikhail Puchkovsky (CP) has prepared a petition addressed to the Governor, the Chairman of the regional Parliament and the chief of regional management of traffic police, which was asked to organize the building of the government of Kamchatskiy Krai “Parking” the horse and to provide the hitching post. In his statement stated that due to the high price of gasoline and food Deputy, as the retiree, can afford to get to meetings only riding on his horse named Rocket. Later colleagues gave Puchkovsky a ticket for the bus, but he refused.

Some time later, the Deputy defiantly come to the meeting on horseback. The politician tried to “Park” it at a building tied to a pole with a sign, but the guard did not allow him to do it.

Later Puchkovsky told that the municipality of Petropavlovsk denied him the organization of the hitching post in front of the government of the region.

“The municipality refused to response to my appeal — I think, for biased reasons. They cited extracts from the acts, horse-drawn carts… But I do not come on the wagon”, — the Deputy told RIA Novosti.

Word more the mustaches and hairstyles

The former candidate for presidents of Russia from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin on the results of elections of the head of state lost his mustache. In February, a guest of the show “wdud” YouTube has become a candidate for President of Russia Pavel Grudinin. Author and presenter Yuri Dude suggested dispute: if Grudinin gain less than 15% in the elections, it will shave off your mustache, without which no one has ever seen, if it is more the journalist will shave my head.

Held on March 18 presidential election Grudinin came in second place with a score of 11.78%. The former presidential candidate was true to his word and shaved off his mustache.

“At the beginning of the election campaign I had an argument with one blogger, Yuri Dude, that if my team scores less than 15% of the vote, then I shaved off my mustache… So, of course, as an honest man I have to shave off his mustache,” Grudinin said in a video published on the YouTube channel of journalist Maxim Shevchenko.

He Grudinin refused to send RIA Novosti his picture without a mustache. He said he was ready to take pictures with a reporter. “Only together with you, come to the farm,” said he.

This is not the only case in Russian politics with shaving a mustache. A few years ago, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov was also forced to do this: his daughter Elizabeth took the father to shave off his mustache if it will successfully pass the exam. Elizabeth managed to win an argument, after which the press Secretary of the President has fulfilled the promise.

Marked in a similar situation in the past year and Murmansk Deputy Governor Anatoly Vekshin, only to break up he had with hair. He posted on the social network Facebook the photo, which depicted with a shaved bald head, explaining that this is payback for losing the dispute on voter turnout in the presidential election.

“I was sure that the turnout Murmansk oblast will be the first in the northwestern Federal district. It was the second. It is very good. But the dispute is lost. The word men more hair. And ready to leave,” wrote Vekshin, adding to the message a few “emoticons”.

Bath the money for iPhone

In November in Moscow attracted the attention of one of the buyers of the iPhone cost more than 100 thousand rubles, for the purchase came with a bathtub filled with trifle.

As told RIA Novosti the representative of re:Store Lyudmila Semushina, the store came two men who were carrying a tub filled with trifle, they said they want to buy and iPhone in a bath of 100 thousand rubles. According to her, the buyers chose the iPhone XS, which costs 100,99 thousand rubles.

Semushina said that the seller on the calculation of the required amount of change took about 1.5-2 hours. After the purchase, the visitors left the store along with the bathroom, which was still a trifle, said the Agency interlocutor. However, she found it difficult to specify, was a cast iron bath or plastic.

Bought the place, but not the phone

Another strange thing associated with iPhone, also took place in Moscow. Sales of new iPhone models invariably cause a stir and lead to queues. In September, Apple Sep 12, presented three new models of smartphones. Queue for news began to line up long before the start of sales. Near re:store on Tverskaya street in Moscow, the first three people took place almost a week before the start of sales.

In the date exactly at 9.00 Moscow time the store opened its doors for buyers: allowed strictly by the numbers of coupons. The first eight people showed up. Valery with the ninth pass first went to the store, but not bought a smartphone.

“I bought a place in the queue for 50 thousand rubles for five hours before the opening. While standing here, lost about 170 thousand rubles — they were in my pocket,” said a frustrated buyer. But he looked like a man who stood for several days in the queue and in the end could not sell his place in it.

The excitement caused is a cardboard stand with full figure image of the presenter and singer Olga Buzova. Figures appeared in supermarkets “Pyaterochka” and suddenly became popular among the visitors: first, stand with Buzova made one of the buyers, he found imitators, and soon steal cardboard Buzova began to acquire a mass character. Subsequently, Pyaterochka has instructed staff not to stop fans teledive.

And in St. Petersburg cardboard Buzova even took part in the pickets at the Smolny Institute, where she brought activist Dmitry Nikolaev, who was detained together with the stand and accused of advertising outside of designated areas. For consideration of what happened even going administrative Commission. In addition, the stand with the star lit up in several street protests.

Dancing police

In Yakutia with steel, police, compact dance which was captured in the video to the Day of employee of organs of internal Affairs. So they invited everyone to the concert. Festive program “Two stars” in DK district was held on November 9. Video the official Twitter of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for a few days up to about 43 thousand views. As noted in the regional Department of internal Affairs, last year the staff participated in the concert “Two stars” in a performance format song duets, has now been decided to hold a dance contest.

As told RIA Novosti news Agency the assistant to work with the staff of the chief of intermunicipal Department of the MIA in the Amga district of Yakutia Ludmila Malikiah, initially the video was shot just “for themselves” to announce the upcoming event on the page of the local Center of culture and leisure in Instagram. As soon as the organizers did, all the tickets for the concert were bought by residents of the area for a few minutes.

“We did not expect such popularity. On Twitter, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the video sent from the press service. For three hours we filmed the ads, and now this… by the Way, the show-concert “Two stars” gathered on the day of the full house. After called the centre of culture and leisure was asked to repeat, say, write a letter to the Minister. Policeman dancing in the middle, name is Ilya Zarovnyaev. He took first place at the competition, performing for a couple with one of the residents of Indian dance”, — told the Agency Malikiah.

Siri in the service of the British Ministry of defense

A funny thing happened with British defense Secretary Gavin Williamson during a speech in the house of Commons of the UK Parliament. The Minister of defence was talking about counter terrorism and mentioned Syria. Voice assistant on his phone immediately responded: “Here’s what I found on the Internet about Syria…”

The Minister laughed, apologized to the audience, noted that the man rarely interrupted by his own mobile phone. This caused laughter in the hall. When he verse, Williamson continued performance.


Another strange thing that happened during the world Cup, is associated with Mexico. Seismologists recorded in the Mexico city earthquake of artificial nature at a time when the Mexican team scored a goal against Germany at the world Cup in Russia. The match ended with the victory of the Mexicans a 1-0 lead.

“The earthquake recorded in Mexico city, had an artificial nature. Perhaps because of the massive jumps in front of the goal against Mexico at the world Cup. At least two sensors in the city noted it in 11 hours 32 minutes”, — stated in the message of the monitoring network of earthquakes SIMMSA.

Data Mexican seismologists have confirmed their counterparts from Chile. “Our equipment seismic warning is also recorded artificial earthquake in real time… with a goal in the match Mexico vs Germany”, — stated in the message of the seismological service of Chile.

Only in the Central square of Mexico city — Zocalo — gathered around 75 thousand people to watch the match with Germany, they were insanely happy, a goal that brought the first victory in the world championship their team.

Later in the Russian Hydrometeorological center, denied these reports, stating that the jubilation of the Mexican fans physically could not cause an earthquake.

Again the yellow jackets

A misunderstanding led to the fact that the French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte on arrival in Buenos Aires at the G20 summit of the ladder met officials and airport staff in yellow vests. As reported by the media, the couple was supposed to meet the Vice-President Gabriela Michetti.

“We had to wait until we say “Now!”, to go to the red carpet to meet them. Everything was planned out to the minute and coordinated with the Protocol officers (President — Ed.) France, until they told us “now.” When they gave us, we realized that the President (macron — Ed.) already sits in the car”, — quotes the TV channel Todo Noticias words Michetti.

In a video released on the official YouTube channel of the G20, is seen as arriving to the airport, the President of France and his wife came down the ramp, finding officials of the delegation who were to meet them, macron shook hands with the airport employee in a yellow vest, which immediately drew the attention of the media in connection with the passage in France of a large-scale stock movement so-called “yellow jackets.”

Supported even seals

Mass character has got a flash mob in support of the cadets of Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation (UIGA), who shot a video where naked almost naked, but in caps, they dance to the song benny Benassi Satisfaction in the premises of the hostel. The video caused a scandal and subsequently ended in a reprimand for dancing. Their support has created a petition, which in less than a day was signed by over three thousand people.

Later, their support began to shoot movies in other universities. One of the first they were supported by students Razumovskogo school in the Ulyanovsk region, the video was shot by students in the Kaliningrad region, soon the action became widespread — it lit up the builders, doctors, future teachers, firefighters. “Participated” even Baikal seals — in the network appeared the video with the “dancing” under the Satisfaction of animals.

The crow and weather forecast

In the United States accidentally caught in the frame the bird had a bit of recovery in the weather forecast on channel KTVU.

Presenter mark Tamayo talked about San Francisco when I noticed that the camera that shot the city from a bird’s eye view of the village crow. He came out of the frame and invited the audience to enjoy the “visitor”.

Bird several times looked into the lens, then disappeared, and he continued the program. For four days the movie has collected more than 150 thousand views and nearly 160 reviews.

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