Choosing the best email client for iPhone and Massif editor Mick Sid asked me to recommend him a normal client for email. Standard “Mail” him a long time tired, but to trust work correspondence collected on the knee of the app is not very desirable. There is a sense something to change?

To answer his question, I took a proprietary e-mail clients Apple, Google and Microsoft, as well as a few third party apps top developers. I pushed their heads together and found a favorite, which is marked separately at the end of the article.

Each of these e-mail clients that transforms emails into tasks, guarantees the security of correspondence and opens access to a range of useful features. But which one to choose?

Mail is the standard mail client Apple

Advantages: there is the device out of the box, copes with most tasks.

Cons: no extra features, suffers from problems with notifications.

Sorry, but I have no official statistics of the popularity of the email clients for iPhone and Mac. However, experience suggests that it is a standard application used most often.

After a short setup using it you can create and send an email with text, photos, and other files right after when you get the device out of the box.

Mail is a great email client that really deserves your attention. But he doesn’t have a number of really useful features that will be useful to all those who e-mail you need to solve work tasks.

In Mail, I lack a mental filter for incoming messages. Want to see all useless spam that arrives to me very often, were not included in the main directory.

Others complain about the inability to postpone and schedule the incoming letter. This useful feature allows you to recall the presence of the received message at the right time — for example, in everyday life.

And yet the standard email client has always had problems with Push notifications. Don’t know what this is, but letters often come with the big delay, and it’s uncomfortable.

Download from the App Store (free)

Built into macOS (free)

Inbox — branded Google’s mail service

Advantages: the visual messages and cool intellectual filter.

Disadvantages: not suitable for third-party email services, no normal Mac apps.

If you use it with Gmail, a good choice for you can be a branded service called Google Inbox.

Somehow only this company has thought to make a normal preview letters: display text, pictures and other files directly in the ribbon. All other solutions with this very badly — usually simple uninformative strip with the letter.

Cool Inbox filters incoming emails and separates important messages from useless junk intelligent way.

However, there are Inbox and have a number of shortcomings that Google has made specifically. For me the biggest is the lack of apps for your Mac. On the computer you have to use the web version, and it’s uncomfortable.

Personally, I use it for Gmail, so on a mobile device I would Inbox enough. But all other postal services remain almost in flight, and their fans need to look for an alternative.

And yet Google is too reluctant to streamline its programs under any new features iOS and iPhone in principle, and that is a big minus of this app.

Download from the App Store (free)

Web version for Mac (free)

Outlook is the app all-in-one Microsoft

Advantages: in the same style with other Microsoft products, additional features of the organizer.

Disadvantages: in the same style with other Microsoft products, the overload with the possibilities of the organizer.

Among my friends dozens of users who prefer all the other applications, namely Microsoft Outlook. They all share a love for the ecosystem of the software company, and active use of Office on the Mac.

Outlook has such a familiar user interface and a complete set of all necessary capabilities, so I see no reason not to use it in this case.

However, I don’t know a single person who used this email client separate from the Office — such units.

Microsoft tried to turn Outlook from a simple email client into a real business tool with the capabilities of the organizer, and installed a calendar, tasks and notes.

On the one hand, it is convenient. If you do use a lot of email for work purposes, this tool all-in-one will definitely come in handy.

But on the other hand, Outlook is too functional and clumsy. I have long been accustomed, that such appliances are clumsiness, and a separate program for each task more efficiently.

Download from the App Store (free)

Download from the Mac App Store (Office 365 subscription)

AirMail — not a cheap winner of the Apple Design Awards

Advantages: stylish, minimalist design, an abundance of additional features.

Disadvantages: frequent failures, which appear in the most inopportune moment.

In 2017, the app AirMail became the winner of the Apple Design Award. And this is not surprising, because the developers managed to make a truly functional e-mail client on all occasions.

On the one hand, he has the most simple minimalistic interface without any extra control elements that often only distract from regular work tasks.

On the other hand, the developer managed to fit in this interface, a complete set of necessary for even the most advanced user features.

This app I used last months, and I never bothered its value even in the presence of a set of free ones.

However, for some unknown reason, it brings me AirMail at the most inopportune moment. Sometimes the app just refuses to work properly, and it solved only a full restart of the computer.

For example, the last time the program simply did not want to attach several PDF documents that I urgently needed to send to your colleagues. So I was with him I had to say goodbye.

Download from the App Store (379 rubles).

Download from the Mac App Store (749 RUB.)

Spark — free mailer “Ukrainian” developer

Advantages: advanced filter emails, simple interface, separate menu for attachments.

Disadvantages: obvious overload of features, which is sometimes distracting.

For the creation of a mail client Spark meets the Ukrainian software development company called Readdle. Although the Ukrainian it can be called a stretch, because the head office of the long Studio is located in San Jose, United States.

You can know it for a number of useful office applications every day, including universal mobile Documents file Manager, an advanced calendar Calendars 5 and pocket a cool scanner Scanner Pro.

Spark really gives the opportunity to look at mail in new ways, and to me it hasn’t failed yet.

First and foremost, I want to mention intellectual screening, which is shared by all the letters in really useful and absolutely useless. It works extremely properly, and saves me a lot of my time.

Separate attention deserves the tab with all attachments of the last letters, which speeds up work with documents.

The only thing I don’t like this email client is it’s relative bulkiness. He does not feel as quick, simple and air — with this subjective lack I yet have to put up with.

Download from the App Store (free)

Download from the Mac App Store (free)

Why we chose Spark:

1. It is characterized by speed and ease of operation.

2. He is able to cope well with my duties.

3. It has apps for both iPhone and Mac.

4. Has a built-in smart filter incoming messages.

5. It has a separate menu for attachments.

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