China swung at what America considers to be unqualified. On technological leadership. But the real balance of forces now is that China in this field, being able to focus on priorities, push forward, leaving America behind. So, ahead of the rest in the development of telecommunication networks of the fifth generation 5G today, the Chinese multinational Huawei. Of course, the Korean Samsung phones are now the most popular in the world, but China’s Huawei in second place, pushing Apple to third. Sensitive for the United States. Washington in such cases, casts of decency. 5G network from Huawei to its allies Washington orders to prohibit, even if contracts have already been signed, and the daughter of the Director of Huawei in Canada at the request of the Americans arrested. This is unlikely to help, but in the US, it seems, is just hysterical. The Chinese response is taken to his prison of two remarkable Canadians. Just in case. As a token figure. Singapore. The longest line in the world for a new iPhone. What the fans just did not expect so that advertisers Huawei. They gave free 200 brand batteries with the words “you need them”. A hint of a weak battery iPhone.

This move is called genius trolling, and Chinese technogiant not the first “bite” of the Apple competitor: after the presentation of the new American models came the movie: “Thank you, released the same thing.”

But the worst ads Apple has made Canada and the States. In one of the Chinese companies because of iPhone now it is possible to lose work in the other half of the salary. For domestic mobile, on the contrary, the award. Here are comments after his arrest in Vancouver CFO of Huawei in the Chinese news: “Canada’s Willingness to trample on human rights has exposed its double standards in this area. She becomes a destroyer of the human rights action in the world.”

And Chinese social networks — a surge of patriotism.

“I’m using Huawei, my boyfriend loves Apple. Told him to change the phone, it does not change. Decided to change the guy.”

“China finally answered the USA and Canada, expressed a strong position and did not allow the weak countries that are trying to emulate the United States to hurt China”.

For Chinese “Huawei” is a matter of national pride, writes The Washington Post. So it is: its name — translated “Chinese achievement or success of China”— is fully justified. Its CFO Meng Wanzhou is in the top business women in the world, in addition she is the heiress of a telecommunications Empire.

Last year, Huawei topped the rating of sales of smartphones in China, and here many more than one mobile phone. Plus the company is the flagship of the project “digital silk road”, in which new generation networks will connect more than 60 countries. And every tenth patent on 5G technology now belongs to China and, in particular, Huawei.

Therefore, in Beijing, some regarded the scandal as an attempt of containment of China and the announcement of a technological war.

Talking about the arrest in China of two canadian citizens. First — Michael Covrig, a former Deputy head of the mission of Canada familiar with Prime Minister Trudeau. Worked in Beijing and Hong Kong, he even has a Chinese name, Kan Minky. He is now working for an NGO, which insist in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC, is not registered in China, and therefore violates the law.

Second — Michael Spavor, also head of NGO relations with North Korea. Arranges tours to Pyongyang spends hockey games. Presumably, Spawar personally acquainted with Kim Jong-UN and organized a visit of basketball player Rodman in the DPRK, stated in a single short note about his detention.

“Canadian citizens Michael Covrig and Michael Spavor are suspected of activities, which undermines the national security of China. At the moment these two cases are investigated separately. We have notified the canadian Embassy in China, all the legal rights of detainees are met,” — said the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

Your visit to China was postponed by the Minister of tourism of Canada. China cancelled the talks with a trade delegation on forestry, directly explaining the cause of the “continuing legal process” in respect of Meng Wanzhou.

“Beijing probably believes that the US and other countries are trying to pressure China to restrain its modernization. He gives a strong response, based on patriotism. These arrests indicate a readiness for confrontation with the West,” says analyst Joseph Cheng.

The answer may be economic: a Chinese court in connection with the patent claims has banned the sale of seven old iPhone models. According to analysts, Apple may lose out on that $ 12 billion. Battle technogiant — part of a trade war, so the outcome will largely depend on the arrangements of the Chinese leadership and the United States.

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