Even a direct refusal of service, the Bank does not save you from its connection.

Sberbank may connect its customers paid service “XLV KK”, which provides insurance against accidents and diseases, and to do it even in case of failure of the user. This was announced by the Bank’s customers in social networks and on relevant forums. Talked about how to check whether service at your Bank cards and how to disable it if necessary.

Paid insurance savings — how to disable

Complaints against the service connection “XLV KK” began to appear actively on the Internet at the end of 2018. Users complained that the service was connected after a re-issue credit cards or design new cards, including payroll. In this case most importantly, the clients refused to connect insurance directly stating the employees of the banks that in this service they are not interested.

How something like this could happen? According to guest reviews, the staff of Sberbank said that the service is already connected, but to pay for it immediately is not necessary. According to the staff, the service works on the system of automatic payment and the money will be written off later, but before doing this the customer will receive an SMS that will allow you to waive the insurance if necessary.

It is noteworthy that on the official website of Sberbank says that the connection of insurance is possible only with the consent of the client. In reviews dissatisfied customers emphasize that not only did not give consent for service connection, but in plain text and were asked not to connect this service.

However, the service has been connected. Fortunately, to disable it simply — it does not need to go to the Bank branch. You need to call the official support number of Sberbank 900 and ask to disconnect the service of insurance.

Thus, if you have recently changed or issued a new card, we recommend you to call a 900 number to see whether you have paid the insurance, which you may not know.


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