Scammers targeting customers of Sberbank, greatly intensified in anticipation of the winter holiday period. Clients of Bank are more likely to report suspicious calls from scammers posing as employees of the state Bank. In social networks and on various thematic resources there are more complaints. How to protect yourself from fraud?

Over the last week recorded a significant increase in cases of attempts to defraud customers of Sberbank by the fraudsters. Most of the messages appears in the official group of “savings” in social network “Vkontakte”, where users actively share their experience and their stories.

One of the users toldthat just recently the husband of her friend was illegally withdrawn all funds from the Bank accounts of Sberbank. It happened after a series of suspicious calls where scammers have managed to pull the victim the information they need, namely a code word. It is noteworthy that scammers the caller already knew the name of the victim, and the last four digits of his credit card.

In another case, a client of Sberbank attacked one of the newest methods with the use of Voicemail, which we told recently. However, the girl was alert and did not disclose any confidential information, even “the robot”. A potential victim of fraud noted that the caller was rather persistent.

Why do the scammers have intensified right now? Obviously, attackers are trying to take advantage of the situation of many people who have a large number of cases at the end of the year. Once on the victim who because of employment or of relaxation, vigilant, fraudsters manage to make money.

To eliminate the risk of cheating and losing money quite easily. What would a call from employees “savings” you’ve done, in any case do not tell them no even minimal personal information. And better and immediately reset the incoming call and to personally call the Bank’s customer support. If your Bank account is really something happened, the staff member will report this as soon as you can get through to the Bank.


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