You should be careful.

Despite the fact that statistically the peak of fraudulent activity is at the end of the year, the attackers do not relax and after the winter holidays. Several clients of Sberbank reported the use against them of a new Scam aimed at stealing money from Bank accounts. All reported cases occurred in early January 2019.

Improved fraud scheme

In social networks and specialized resources, there were several comments about attempts to steal money from clients of Sberbank. This time the target of scammers Bank customers who use smartphones running Android.

Fraudsters ring up customers of Sberbank, and on behalf of the support the Bank offers them to improve their defenses against hacking. To do this, the fraudsters suggest users to install free antivirus protection on their smartphones. It is noteworthy that the Bank actually officially offers protection for smartphones against viruses with the help of popular apps from “Kaspersky Lab”. In this regard, many clients fall into the trap of scammers and take their words at face value.

The scammers are very professional and offer customers of Sberbank free to install additional protection to your smartphone. If the victim agrees, then it is instantly sent an SMS with a link to the app you want to install. The malicious application is executed in the form of antivirus, what it is, however, of course, is not.

Several clients of Sberbank reported that they received calls from regular numbers of the operator. Two users noticed that the call was run with the number that supposedly belongs to Sberbank. At least, this is indicated by the information on the Internet. It is assumed that the scammers have used a VoIP service to spoof numbers when you call.


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