Company Facebook will develop their own voice assistant. This was reported by broadcaster CNBC.

Technical division, has developed a virtual reality helmet Oculus, is working on this project since the beginning of 2018. Presumably, the digital assistant may be embedded in “intelligent” assistants for home Portal, that is voice controlled devices with a screen and camera. His owners will be able to call or receive a call from users of the social network Facebook, to participate in videoconferences, manage “smart” home, and all that they can do without touching the display. At the present time many people use voice assistant from the Amazon — Alexa.

Date of issue of a new product not yet reported. Also, the new virtual assistant will be able to compete with similar programs from Apple and Google.

In 2015, the company Facebook announced the release of virtual assistant for your M messenger. It was expected that the voice assistant will give the users clues in solving everyday problems, for example, when ordering food from a restaurant, in the selection of films for viewing, etc. the Project has not received any development, and last year it was closed. The working group promised to use the data obtained in the implementation of future ideas based on artificial intelligence technology.

The Russian company “Yandex” has a voice assistant called “Alice”, which was launched in the fall of 2017. Thanks to the programmed skills system simulates a live dialogue, recognizing natural speech and answering user questions.

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