Broadcaster CNN praised the new smartphone from Apple iPhone XR, calling it a “secret weapon” of the Corporation, which could significantly increase its sales.

As stated in the review of the new smartphone, which will go on sale on 26 October, iPhone XR has attracted much more attention from the press and experts following its announcement in September, rather than other, more advanced models of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR is a more budget version of the smartphone, distinguishing itself with the price — it is $250 cheaper iPhone XS and for $350 less than the iPhone XS Max.

According to CNN, iPhone XR characteristics largely coincides with the older models. It is also equipped with the latest Bionic A12 processor, the same 12-megapixel front camera and unlock function of the device by scanning the user Face ID.

One of the key differences is the screen, the iPhone XR it is 6.1 inches, which is 0.4 inch smaller than the display size of the flagship iPhone XS Max. In addition, the screen model XR manufactured at a cheaper LCD technology, not OLED. Because of this, the resolution and clarity of the display a little less, that allows you to view videos in Full HD, however, marks the channel for many buyers, that lack of capacity does not matter.

Also iPhone XR deprived of 3D Touch, thanks to which the screen responds in real-time. However, it also should not be an obstacle. According to CNN, this feature only uses a small part of the buyers.

So, Apple is saving on some of the features and material of the hull, launches cheaper smartphone intended primarily for owners of previous models, including the iPhone 8, which still have not updated their devices and do not want to spend money on the flagship version, writes CNN. In addition to price, the argument in favor of buying iPhone XR for many will be the battery capacity. According to the channel, the duration of the battery models are two to three hours more than the more expensive iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XR needs to go on sale in the U.S. and many other countries, including Russia, October 26. Price of the device in the U.S. will start from $749.

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