The program DexGuard, designed to protect Android applications against unauthorized access by other users, may instead become a threat to them.

Many Android applications are distributed in APK format. This file, which contains all the code and software required to run it. Unfortunately, such files are very easy to crack and modify in its sole discretion (introducing a virus or something like that). Therefore, the company Guardsquare has developed a tool for code protection APK-file – DexGuard. Only now it has become public knowledge.

Code DexGuard someone leaked on GitHub. Program developers were quick to assure that the chain was only part of the code, and quite old. Thus, the creators hinted AT that to worry about this incident, not worth it. According to Guardsquare, it was stolen by a former employee of the company.

Naturally, the leak instantly went to other sites, and now there are certainly hackers wishing to modify the code DexGuard for their own purposes. For example, to unprotect the APK files in the future or introducing viruses into popular applications.


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