Collected sister in uni! Apple discount program Back to SchoolНа next week elder sister will go to the second year of the Voronezh University. And with it — millions of children across Russia.

Not surprisingly, with such a brother, she is a fan of Apple gadgets. And any gifts now, and not only they, one way or another should be “Apple”.

However, it is not the only one. At the University, from basic to advanced undergraduates, girlfriend only recognize things from Cupertino. No “androids”.

This can be dealt with, and you can just let go, fortunately did not have a child. Upon reflection, she decided to recharge her motivation to study fine and not be like me. Took a bit of “Apple” pieces with a nice discount.

Just now started the campaign “Back to school”, and the best time for such purchases ever.

That the action of “Back to school”? Discounts are?

Yes, there are discounts on a lot of that, including Apple devices.

Re:Store from August 19 to programme Back to School, that is “Back to school”. It can be purchased top appliances and accessories with great discounts, which in normal circumstances no one would have given.

Special school discount applies to current models of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (except model MQD32RU/A), 12-inch MacBook and iPad Pro.

Right to it is at:

students of Russian Universities, including medical and military

full-time students, part-time (evening) and correspondence departments


College students

teachers of Universities and secondary special educational institutions

teachers in schools with state accreditation

To receive the school discount, you need to do the following:

1. Choose a product from those who participate in the promotion.

2. Or send “Stupak” into account re:Store (Telegram or WhatsApp) or you can present it in the store.

3. You will be given a promotional code for a discount.

4. Enter the promo code at checkout.

All you can take.

That you can pick up now with a big benefit?

A lot of that. I would advise you to go to the promotions page and see for yourself. Everything is not indicate.

But in a nutshell…

The school discount is given for:

all models of the iPad Pro
the all-new MacBook Pro 2018

on a MacBook 12
and MacBook Air
And that’s all you can buy at a discount and without any documents:

black Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 2
Apple TV 4th generation

portable speakers JBL Pulse 3 and the Harman Kardon GO+ Play Mini

BeatsX headphones, Beats Solo3, urBeats3, Jabra Active 65t Elite and B&O E8
cases for iPhone, like moonfish

the Morphie Powerstation Plus battery and dock for iPhone Belkin

bags and holsters for MacBook leather from DBramante1928

dozens of cool accesso from wireless charging until USB-C adapters

In each case, different discounts can be 10%, 20% and sometimes even more.

Bought sister (without fanaticism, but rules)

Shares took three pieces, they are lossless and will be useful for a very long time.

First, headphones Beats Solo3. A “bung” she doesn’t like, but stylish overhead “bits” a gold-white color was spot on. Working more than 20 hours, connect to her iPhone without hemorrhoids sound exactly as it requires your favorite tracks (thank God, not Monetochka).

Price: 19 990 16 990 rubles under the program of ‘Back to School’ 2018

Second, column 3 JBL Pulse. The way she glows in time to the music — just the top, nothing more did not. In the app you can set a bunch of different effects and even create your. Plus it is protected from water. The house will listen, I hope, and not between the classrooms by cutting a couple with friends.

Price: 11 990 9 990 rubles under the program of ‘Back to School’ 2018

Finally, a set of USB-C 30 watt + USB cable-C for Lightning. Tired of hearing how long it is charging the iPhone 8 Plus and just did the same as he himself. This charger and cable speed up charging top iPhones two times. Now, instead of 4 hours it is necessary to wait only 1.5 hours. The very fact that the front pairs to energize.

Price: 3990 RUB 3650 + 1450 1690 RUB the Back to School program 2018.

I don’t know whether all this learning in itself, but it pleased her greatly. And this is important.

What else should pay attention on the action

It’s a great opportunity to take the recently released MacBook Pro 2018 with a nice discount. Rarely is that completely new thing Apple allow you to grab a cheaper than usual.

Myself I strongly recommend a new model 13 inch with the Touch Bar. According to the benchmarks it largely defeats my 15-inch Pro 2017! And portativnye.

Discount for students and teachers this MacBook will cost as much as 15 949 rubles: 144 990 129 041 RUB.

Such a “Proshka” can go away and do almost any intensive tasks.

With all the discounts on the Back to School program can be found on the official website of re:Store. The campaign will last till 27 Oct 2018.

All of the upcoming first call!

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