The movement of the “Spring” @msk_vesna built an installation symbolizing antiutopian future. On one of the old Park of sculptures placed monitors with taped red squares, plastered with a symbolic stamps, with a painted sign, causing a clear Association with “1984” by George Orwell, and red-white-black tricolor, associated with the is the Apple 1984.

“It’s a dystopian future that every day is getting closer — totally controlled Internet coupons” — said in Twitter the libertarian party. “Web censorship further and further twisting around our lives. We are against the adoption of the law on Russia’s isolation from the international network and demand a free Internet,” sasanov the message of baccii. The installation encourages the people of Russia to come to the rally on March 10, which will take place on Sakharov Avenue at 14.00. On the website also indicates the DM and other cities, which will host the rally: Khabarovsk and Voronezh.

On the website recall that in March will be the second stage reading of the law on exclusion of the Russian Internet. In the first reading the state Duma approved the law. We will remind, the state Duma deputies on 12 February approved in the first reading the law on the Autonomous work of the Russian segment of the Internet in case of disconnection from the global Internet. The bill provides possibility of installation on networks of technical means, determining the source of Internet traffic.

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov also urged users 10 Mar 14.00 the square Sakharov.

“Yesterday we informed the Muscovites about the rally against the law on exclusion of the Russian Internet. I hope these meetings will allow you to meet those whose goal is to jointly develop effective approaches to change the situation in Russia,” = said in telegrams-channel Pavel Durov.


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