Not all wireless headphones are cordless, especially when we’re talking about the compact models (“drop”, in-ear). The modern trend is to separate the cups so well, absolutely no wires. Sony is not the first who entered into the race of miniaturization (and 1000XM3 — not their first headphones of this type), but given the company’s experience in audio, let’s see what the new WF-1000XM3.

The headphones come with a special case in which they are charged. Yes, like Air Pods. Unlike Apple, however, these much more. Despite the fact that Apple — drops, and Sony in — ear.

The lid of the case opens with a spring, as the Air Pods. Half way will not get stuck, the case is either closed or opened.

At the bottom of the case — a USB-C port for charging. In the kit, if you dig, you can find a small cable.

In General appearance the case I wouldn’t call attractive. From a distance — possible, but close to a noticeable… shall we Say… Ambiguous form (just look at the picture from the manual to the headphones) and not very high quality plastic, which also wiped/zalamyvayutsya.

The earphones themselves look much better. I immediately figured out how exactly they should be inserted in the ears and how to put it back in the case.

To tightly fix the cups to the ears in set is supplied ambusher of different sizes. In the case for them, but not scary — it is unlikely that you will be in for the day to change earpieces. Makes sense once to find the size for yourself and continue to walk with them until they stretch.

A separate question — whether the earphones fall out. There are, generally speaking, everything is subjective — with the same Air Pods I specifically tried to jump and run and head shake — ear headphones are not falling out. And someone — fell from the slightest of head movements. The Sony WF-1000XM3 mount, of course, weaker — in fact, they are held only by the friction force ambusher with the ear canal. But for all the testing so far has never been precedents. However, while walking they may slightly like to Pat on the ears, not that unpleasant, rather uncomfortable.

And the earphones themselves, and a carrying case for them devoid of any buttons (at Air Pods, for example, there is a button on the case). However, on each of the cups have a touch-sensitive area. For example, to enter the pairing mode, you need to touch both of the touch zones at the same time and hold it for fingers, while a voice will say “Pairing mode” (in settings, you can download the Russian language for such notices). A separate touch area on the left Cup switches the operation modes threshold, and the right controls the playback.

The case is also equipped with NFC module for quick pairing with Android smartphones.


The main “trick” WF-1000XM3 — noise reduction. Moreover, the word “noise” here is used not in the common meaning — “a sound I don’t want to hear”, and in particular — here it is “Shh”, for example. Or so — in every room, in every situation there is a constant background sound. Somewhere in a public place is a chorus of voices merging, in the transport engine sound and wind noise. But a clear sound, they almost never jammed — that’s why even the speech of the person next to you can tell.

The main profile of the Sony WF-1000XM3 — three pieces, they switch a single press on the left Cup: noise reduction (see above, what is “noise” in this case), the mode, the gain of the ambient sound (in fact, the strengthening of this “noise” — i.e., the conversation of the person next to you is not increased, as other distinct sounds) and mute control noise/ambient sound (ambient sound control off).

Note that these profiles when you connect to any device and not require any special software. For example, I connected my earphones to my smartphone and Switch to Nintendo (I use the console in China Bluetooth adapter aliexpress). Smartphone stands branded app, but Switch, of course, nothing there. However, all of these basic profiles are still working. And, by the way, Yes — headphones can be connected to two sources without problems — just plug in turn first to one, then re-pairing mode and connect to the second. When I turn on the Nintendo Switch with connected transmitter — headphones automatically switch on the gaming console. After the transfer Switch in sleep mode — disabled. However, the phone can automatically switch — then I go to Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and tapau on the line WF-1000XM3 (don’t match again, and just tapau).

However, installing the smartphone app, you can more finely control the threshold, and adjust the equalizer. There is also available additional profiles threshold, which, however, are reduced to already announced. The only thing that the app recognizes the current situation and includes the corresponding profile.

For example, if you go there is the profile of “walk” — ambient sounds are not amplified, but not jammed.

However, here is an automatic switch I removed in the settings — and here’s why. At the time of switching the sound mode in the headphones disappears for a few seconds, and, in the left earcup lost it somehow in longer response times. When listening to music it is extremely frustrating and I just don’t want it there it just kind of happened. When I’m ready to pause — and then he can switch.

Also worth mentioning functions such as pause music playback when removing headphones, amplify the voices if you cover the left ear with the palm (in case someone close to you about something asked) and integration with Google Assistant.

Can neither particularly praise nor to criticize the sound quality of the Sony WF-1000XM3. But here I must say that to the good sound I am used to and, in particular, used to the “Sony sound”. From other brands that I respect it for the quality of the sound and in the headphones: Sennheiser, JBL/AKG, Audio-Technica. Frank trash I don’t listen to and, moreover, prefer disabled the EQ to hear what the author intended music or sound.

In a sound WF-1000XM3 fairly smooth, but crisp bass, well crafted middle, and a good quality treble (not “pesočat” but the deaf will not name).

However, one drawback to the Sony sound WF-1000XM3 still have the volume. Her reserve is often not enough and want to make it louder. At the same time, I’m not a fan roaring at full volume headphones. I suspect that many users of the volume WF-1000XM3 will be very greatly missed.

And finally — Yes, probably it is important to note that the WF-1000XM3 — still a headset and not just headphones. They have also have a microphone with which you can talk on the phone. The voice quality is excellent and in headphones interlocutor perfectly audible.


Headphone mode threshold can work up to 6 hours (in reality less, certainly, but there are many factors affect). By itself the number is small, however, the case for the headphones also serves as a charging and with support for fast charging. Full charge of the case will be enough to three times fully charge the headphones.

Given that the day they walk me personally somehow annoying (in the ears begins to push — heavy still, and uncomfortable when constantly wearing ear-plugs), the problem of sudden discharge I have not yet encountered. Almost always the case I get a fully charged headphones.


Sony WF-1000XM3 is a very interesting model of headphones, but also very controversial. First, the price of 18 thousand rubles seems to be still too high. Secondly, in comparison with Air Pods headphones seem bulky. Of course, Air Pods not only is there no threshold, but because of the design features to use in a noisy place (in the subway) they are generally impossible. But the ears from the WF-1000XM3 still tired.

Modes threshold, however, also raise questions. I still would be noise reduction, which would block all sounds, not just “background noise”. This could be one of the modes in the model. But alas.

Also disconcerting is the loss of audio when switching modes. Yes, probably to avoid it completely is impossible, but the disappearance for a few seconds? This is somehow overkill.

But the main disadvantage is the low volume level. Here though the threshold, even without — sometimes not really enough. You have to use additional tricks to the player on the phone, but that is little consolation.

The rest of the Sony WF-1000XM3 is a stylish, convenient (because there are no wires at all) and multifunctional headphones.

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