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Company Rostelecom-Solar, a national provider of services and solutions in cybersecurity, announces a large update to its analyzer applications for vulnerabilities and undeclared capabilities (NDV). Starting with version 3.0, the product will be presented on the market under a new name — Solar appScreener — instead of the previous Solar inCode. Re-branding is dictated by the technological evolution of the product: its technology decompilation and deobfuscation allow you to not just scan the source code, but, unlike competing solutions, analyze the application in the form of executable files.

Key change Solar appScreener 3.0 has been completely updated system of interaction of the solution with users. Significant changes have been made as a GUI solution, which became more convenient and modern, and the functionality of the system.

With the release of the previous version of the analyzer Solar inCode 2.10 was launched in beta testing the new graphical interface and on the results of the collected feedback and suggestions on possible improvements. In addition, the company conducted a number of specialized UX/UI-tests, the results of which the ergonomics of the interface significantly modified — for example, have minimized the number of clicks required for users to access system functions. Has also been completely redesigned user group management: now when creating it is possible to flexibly customize user group permissions.

In addition, the new interface appeared easy navigation through the projects and results of the analysis, instant search, more visual and detailed presentation of statistical information on projects and additional filters for projects, and significantly improved administration. Users who prefer the previous interface will be able to use it until the release of version 3.1.

“A few years have passed since the release of the first version of the scanner code inCode Solar, our product have managed to take leading positions on the Russian market analyzers, security applications. Over the years a solution has come a long way in its technological development. Today we are releasing to the market a new version 3.0 with several significant improvements,” said Daniel Chernov, head of Solar appScreener Rostelecom-Solar.

The most notable improvements in Solar appScreener 3.0 —the development of the unique functionality of the module Fuzzy Logic Engine, the expansion of the integration capabilities of the product in the process to secure development through integration with Microsoft Active Directory, and support for programming language COBOL.

Solar appScreener 3.0 increased the usability of the Fuzzy Logic Engine module that allows to minimize the number of false positives without missing actual vulnerabilities. By increasing the rule base coverage of vulnerability in the new version you can customize the display of results based on the probability of false positives.

One of the most important requirements that apply to modern analyzers, security applications — integration in the process of safe development. To expand such opportunities in Solar appScreener 3.0 added integration with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows you to automatically comply with company information security policies and access rights to developers and security officers to various information systems. Thus Solar appScreener 3.0 increases the overall level of corporate information security, and significantly reduces the time it takes to manage user permissions.

In addition, due to improved methods of traffic analysis and generation method of chart data distribution for vulnerability, a new version of the solution more effectively analyzes the vulnerability of the applications written in Java, Scala, Kotlin and Java for Android.

Implemented in Solar appScreener 3.0 support legacy language COBOL will allow you to check the vulnerability of legacy system from which, for one reason or another, impossible to resist. COBOL is often used for the development of banking applications, and its support was implemented at the request of customers and partners Rostelecom-Solar in foreign markets.

Solar appScreener is a Russian design, made in the Unified national registry (No. 516), certified by FSTEC of Russia for compliance with the software requirements 4 level of control of undeclared capabilities absence (certificate of conformity № 4007) and can be used to replace the foreign analogues.

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Solar appScreener — Russian static code analyzer applications for vulnerabilities and NDV. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to analyze not only the source but also binary code (i.e., presented in the form of executable applications). Supports over 20 programming languages, and 7 of executable file formats, including Google Android, Apple iOS, and Apple macOS.

To minimize the number of false positives and missed vulnerabilities and non-controlling interests in Solar appScreener applies proprietary Fuzzy Logic Engine, which uses mathematical apparatus of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic and is the technological know-how of the company Rostelecom-Solar.

Solar appScreener can be deployed on their own computing power of the organization and use it as a service, which is available from the cloud Rostelecom-Solar on the SaaS model.

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