At WWDC 2018 Apple showed the new file format USDZ, which you can use to implement AR-objects in any web site. Developers, in turn, began to demonstrate their uses.

One of the employees of the online store Shopify Daniel Beauchamp, already built into the company website USDZ files. Now any user without installing any special programs may be looked at Shopify products in augmented reality.

“Over the last three years, we’ve been looking for ways to use AR and VR technologies in our industry. In the past year, we have already shown how technology ARKit can affect the user experience. The problem was that it needed to install a separate app. Now ARKit objects can be embedded on websites and sent to users by mail. AR is Quick Look from Apple is something that will make augmented reality popular,” – said Daniel.

Themselves to try the technology can everyone who participates in the beta testing of iOS 12. On the Apple website there is a separate tab dedicated to technology ARKit, where can I download USDZ files and test them in action.

Browse for products, preview them in AR, and then buy with Apple Pay. All within Safari on iOS 12. It’s a delightful experience that Shopify merchants will be able to offer this fall. #arkit #ios12 #shopify

— Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix) July 11, 2018

ARKit technology was presented in summer of 2017. During this time she has undergone a lot of updates and improvements. Besides, according to rumors, the companies are developing a corporate AR helmet that will present in 2020.


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