Which one to choose?
Every year with the release of new iPhone users have a question, which new iPhone to choose. If this year was the iPhone XS Max, it is clear that the update should be on iPhone 11 Pro Max. But what about those who have had the XR, you should take the Pro or the normal iPhone 11? Well, this is a particularly acute question for those who updated from an older iPhone or even wants to switch to Apple from Android. About the transition from other OS’s I’ll tell you later, but today I will try to explain all the nuances and differences between iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Pro. Go!

Box iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro
For starters, let’s see how many iPhones this year Apple has released. The answer is quite simple: three. This iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. I have in my hand iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro because Pro Max Pro different from just a larger screen, but between 11 and 11 Pro there are differences, and noticeable, though not at first sight.


To us iPhone arrived in Russia with a complete set, so you can compare them in detail. In addition to smartphones in the pack is headphones and they are the same, clip and instrukcii and charger. And here charging there are differences. Both phones support wireless and fast wired 18 watt charging. But in iPhone 11 on standard adapter and wire, but in the Pro version is a powerful adapter for 18 W and the wire USB-C — Lightning.

Complete iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro
On the one hand, 18 watts of charging allows you to quickly charge an iPhone, so better in the house to have such a thing, especially if sometimes you have half an hour before leaving the house to charge the gadget up to 50%. On the other hand, if the new MacBook you have (like me, for example), the wire with USB-C will only fit the adapter from the kit, and the rest of the ports will have to use the normal, if there is one.

However, I have the adapter and cable from the kit was used only once when tested fast charging. In real life I use the wireless charging stations across the apartment, at work and in the car. For me it’s a much more convenient way and the iPhone is almost always charged. For the version of this paragraph will not be affected, because fast charging can be purchased, but the iPhone 11 Pro initially will assess the potential of this update.

Design, screen and size

The most important difference from the iPhone iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max is, of course, physical size. The biggest iPhone of this year is 11 Pro Max, its dimensions are 158×77,8×8.1 mm and weighs 226 g. Slightly less than his… no, not 11 Pro, and the usual iPhone 11 with dimensions 150,9×75,7×8.3 mm and weighs 194 g. Well, while the smallest iPhone Pro 11: 144×71,4×8.1 mm, 188 g. Not the usual size, of course. I feel that’s most convenient to use — iPhone 11, followed by iPhone 11 Pro, though for my hands it is a little small, but 11 Pro Max is for those who like big smartphones, so I never used to. Overall, the difference between all iPhone noticeable, but minor.

iPhone 11 Pro (left) and iPhone 11 (right)

More choice, in my opinion, of the display. The iPhone 11 is 6.1″ Liquid Retina HD (IPS) matrix with a resolution of 1792 × 828 pixels and a density of 326 pixels per inch. IPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max pixel density higher already 458 per inch, and the matrix is here Super Retina XDR (OLED). – Different sizes: from 11 Pro is 5.8″ (2436 × 1125), and the Pro Max is 6.5″ (2688 × 1242).

Screens iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro
The figures, from Pro the screen a little better and brighter and, well, with all the benefits of HDR and OLED (pictured above clearly shows the difference of black color on IPS and OLED-matrix). However, both smartphones, the picture is clear and likely to the naked eye the difference you will see.

Another beautiful photo of iPhone screens

Case smartphones as closely as possible, but the iPhone 11 Pro back is very beautiful frosted glass, whereas the iPhone 11 is the usual gloss. Well frame the Pro version of surgical steel and usually made of aluminum.

Side view for iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro
If you plan to use the case, these nuances are hardly noticeable. But I confess, without a case to hold iPhone 11 Pro is much nicer, I love the rough coating in phones.

IPhone Pro 11 matte and glossy iPhone 11
Protection from moisture and dust

Gone are the days when the iPhone was defenseless, if fell into the water. Now all the iPhone are created with the protection from dust and moisture, and iPhone 11 were class IP68, that is, they are not afraid to not only spray, but also short-term immersion in liquid.

iPhone 11 can be submerged in water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes, but iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max 4 meters, but all the same half an hour. The difference is small and it is better for underwater photography to use special equipment, not your favorite phone.

The processor and memory

It’s amazing, but in all versions of the iPhone 11 is A13 processor Bionic. This is the fastest processor at the moment. In A13 Bionic there are four high-performance cores that are 20 percent faster and consume 40 percent less energy than A12 Bionic, and two cores, which is 20 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient. That is, from the performance point of view all iPhone 2019 equally steep and no difference you wouldn’t notice. In practice, I will say that it is true. I now play a few demanding games such as Asphalt 9 and Grimvalor, and not notice the difference, only in size and picture quality.

iPhone 11, iPad mini, iPhone 11 Pro are on MacBook Pro. Who is more powerful?

But if we talk about memory, then there is a difference. iPhone 11 comes with options for 64, 128 and 256 GB memory. Pro-version also available in 64, 256 and 512 GB memory for apps and files. If you have or are you going to buy iCloud, it makes no difference, still the majority of the files you send to the cloud. And for apps is enough and a minimum capacity of 64 GB. I’m a rather old-fashioned and prefer to keep photos on a smartphone, so I need an iPhone with 512 GB, and 11 Pro this plan is suitable, of course, perfect.


iPhone vs 11. iPhone 11 Pro
This item is perhaps the most noticeable. IPhone 11 Pro is a triple camera module, the iPhone 11 — double. Let’s deal. In a simple version of the smartphone has a 12-megapixel main and wide-angle (120 degree) camera.

Double and triple camera iPhone 11
In principle, these cameras are enough for most scenarios. However, in the Pro versions there is an additional module to 12 megapixels, which has double optical and 10x digital zoom. The iPhone 11 is available only 5x digital zoom. Thus, the Pro-version iPhone 11 better shoot footage in which you need something to bring. Otherwise, it is the same modules, which most likely will appeal to a wide angle.

Mount Ararat, filmed with the main camera of the iPhone 11
Mount Ararat, filmed with telephoto camera iPhone 11 Pro
Mount Ararat, shot on a wide angle camera iPhone 11 Pro
Front camera in new iPhone 11 does the same: 12 megapixels, the Smart HDR video up to 4K. In General, the top selfie camera, but the smartphone version does not.

Color, battery and price

In iPhone 11 Pro there are two interesting colors: dark green and gold in matte version. They look very original, although with a matte coating and the standard black looks very good.

Colors options iPhone 11 Pro
IPhone 11 the range of colors wider. There are already six variants and in addition to the classic black and white are the colors almost all colors of the rainbow: purple, yellow, green and red (PRODUCT) RED.

Colors options iPhone 11
As for battery, the iPhone 11 runs 1 hour longer than last year’s iPhone XR. iPhone 11 Pro for four hours more than the iPhone XS, but iPhone 11 Pro Max — as much as 5 hours longer than XS Max, he will be able to play 20 hours of video, 12 hours to do it through Wi-Fi or 80 hours to lose the music. In practice, I will say that the iPhone 11 Pro I have keeps a day and a half in the regime of very active use, but iPhone 11, with the same activity I charge every night, although it remains around 20% charge.

Of the entire line of the new iPhone, of course, the most affordable iPhone 11, its price in Russia starts from 59 990 rubles. iPhone 11 Pro standard equipment is already expensive, 89 990 rubles, more cameras, the body is nicer, but the smaller size. Well, if you want a huge screen, you will have to pay from 99 990 rubles for iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Actually, I really hope that by the end of this text you have already decided which iPhone you need. Because it is very difficult to make a choice, all the iPhone is good, choose on taste. One full set of cameras, another “delicious” price, large screen, third — simply the best iPhone to date, among this choose?

iPhone 11 Pro
For me, the ideal — iPhone 11 Pro. I often need optical zoom for photo shooting nature and sporting events, but its screen is slightly too small, while the Max for me, I’m afraid, will be great. Thus, a regular iPhone 11 is a great choice if telephoto is not needed, and for less money you get a good phone. In General, this year, Apple has made it a difficult choice and at the same time simplified it, because it is not necessary to compare characteristics and only a small difference in design and cameras and a small jump in price.

iPhone 11
If you have previously had an iPhone XR, then I would recommend iPhone 11 since it is the most closer to this model in spirit. If upgrading from an older iPhone, then I would take 11 Pro to get the maximum experience. Well, Pro Max can advise those who can not live without huge smartphones and likes to watch movies on your iPad and on your smartphone.

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