The world famous arms manufacturer decided to create his own car that runs on electricity.

The prototype got the name CV-1. According to the enterprise, the electric vehicle can travel on a single charge of about 350 kilometers.

Visually, it resembles the car IZH 1970 sample. For which he had already ridiculed in social networks, calling a ridiculous and clumsy. This is despite the fact that this is just a sample that will form the basis of future vehicles. A specific image was chosen as the plant for the production of IZH located in Izhevsk, as concern Kalashnikov.

Despite the fact that the project has already called a competitor of Tesla, representatives of the group did not name any particular advantages. CV-1 is only a demonstration of technologies that in future will make the concern Kalashnikov full, a serious competitor to Tesla.

Also it is worth noting that the brand “Kalashnikov” have been trying to try on a variety of consumer goods, including umbrellas and smartphones in order to expand the company’s influence and move away from the image of a weapons manufacturer.


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