MOSCOW, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. Members of the house of representatives has asked the Apple and Alphabet holding company Inc., owning Google’s information about how they use personal information of users, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing a letter to the congressmen.

According to the newspaper, leaders of the Committee on energy and Commerce of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress sent letters to the heads of the companies in which stated that the latest reports received by the Committee and information raise questions about how companies collect and use personal information of consumers.

As reported in a letter to Google co-founder and CEO of Google Larry Paige, the latest reports indicate that the Android operating system collects extensive information on user location and sends it to the Alphabet, even if the location services are disabled.

The letter page also raised questions about the fact that Google continues to allow third parties to access e-mail, although the company said last year that it will stop scanning emails.

As reported in a letter to the head of Apple Tim cook also raises questions about whether to collect and transmit whether Apple extensive information about the location of the user.

The publication adds that Google announced on Monday that she is ready to answer the Committee’s questions as the protection of the privacy of users and security of their information is paramount for Google. Apple declined to comment. The company provides information about their interaction with data users online which answers some of the questions.


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