Figured out the unlimited from “Megaphone”.

On August 27 the cellular operator “Megaphone” officially returned to unlimited Internet without any restrictions and high speed. However, the joy of many subscribers was short-lived, including due to the fact that with the connection of the nl arose various difficulties. In this article spoke about the intricacies of unlimited Internet connection “MegaFon”.

Check the availability of nl

Though “the Megaphone” and officially announced the return of unlimited Internet, a personal account was not updated with information about the service. In this regard, subscribers are faced with problems when connecting the nl. Users don’t understand is the unlimited Internet paid or free, is it possible to connect at a specific rate, etc.

Thus, the “MegaFon” has launched unlimited Internet only for subscribers of tariff plans “register”. And that is not for everyone. In some regions, nl is impossible to connect at the most affordable tariffs “register” — new option simply does not appear.

To test connectivity of services on the official website of “Megaphone”. To do this, click on this link, select your region and check the conditions on which the connection of the nl.

In some regions service is valued at 50 rubles, in some regions it is completely free and only needed activation. To activate the free Internet by sending USSD-command *105*1444#. Again, what to send it is recommended after you have learned the rules for the operation of the service, for your service and your region.

In addition, MegaFon has launched two special tariff plan “so dig in. Chat Action” and “jump! See The Action”. They feature a reduced cost and is enabled by default unlimited Internet. But go to such tariffs is possible only with a new number. Simply perform a change of your current tariff will not work.

Moreover, these rates are not available in all regions. And again, subscribers need to check availability. This can be done at the following links:

  • “So dig in. Communicate Campaign”
  • “So dig in. See The Action”

Note that despite all the difficulties, many subscribers of “MegaFon” decided to use the return service, unlimited Internet.


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