Third-party developers is not the first time find in the code the new Apple operating systems different references and hints of yet unannounced Apple products. For example, today Jonathan Mitchell found in the latest beta version of iOS 12.2 icon iPod touch, seventh generation.

Icon only lets you see a schematic image of the new Apple player. According to her, the iPod touch, the seventh generation will be largely similar to the iPhone X: the player will not be Home button and frame around the screen will be much thinner.

It is worth noting that the developers not for the first time find in the code of iOS new icons of Apple devices. In the past iPhone X and iPad Pro 2018. And icons fully match the appearance of the devices. It is possible that this will happen to iPod touch.

At the moment it is not known when Apple will unveil its new player. However, the rumors about this device, go to network is not the first month. Where previously, developers have found hints of the imminent release of the iPod touch in iOS 7. It is possible that the announcement of this device can be held in the near future.


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