The authors of the authoritative magazine Consumer Reports, which specializiruetsya on the related consumer technology, shared his opinion about the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. According to them, one of the most notable improvements in the new Apple smartphones was the battery life. In comparison with last year’s iPhone X Apple new products work much longer.

The authors of the Consumer Reports report that in the test on the autonomy of the iPhone Xs lasted for 24.5 hours, and iPhone Xs Max 26 hours. If you compare the test results of new Apple devices with the results X iPhone, the battery life of new products has increased markedly. Last year, the “jubilee” iPhone lasted the test of autonomy only 19.5 hours.

The main disadvantage of new models authors Consumer Reports called too slow charging. Recall that unlike its competitors, Apple still equips their phones 5-watt adapters. For this reason, the battery is fully charged iPhone Xs takes 195 minutes, and iPhone Xs Max charge from 0 to 100% for 210 minutes.

Thus, despite some disadvantages and the absence of radical changes in the devices, the authors of Consumer Reports put the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max a fairly high rating of 82 points out of 100.


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