According to a recent report from TrendForce, the global notebook shipments for Apple for the third quarter of 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, increased by 3.9% and reached 42,68 million units. Although it is expected a growth of 5-6%. However, the share of Apple notebooks in the world market decreased by 24.3%.

At the moment, “Apple” the manufacturer takes only the fifth place in the global ranking of laptop sales c market share at 7.9%. And in the last year the share of laptops Cupertino in the global market reached 10.4 percent. According to analysts TrendForce, the growth of laptop sales, Apple has prevented the high price of a new MacBook Pro and waiting for the updated MacBook Air.

A leader in the shipment of notebooks in the third quarter of 2018, is an American company Hewlett-Packard, when it was shipped 10.8 million devices. In second place is Lenovo from 8.44 million laptops shipped. Dell took third place with the supply of 7.18 million
Asus ranked fourth, sending of 3.58 million units. Apple estimates that the research group is located on the fifth place. Recall, “Apple” the manufacturer no longer specifies the number of sold devices.

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