The journalists of the newspaper USA Today conducted independent research on the topic of what features, according to consumers, iPhone is not enough. This was polled a few hundred Americans for one reason or another are dissatisfied with Apple’s smartphone.

Despite serious differences in opinion, respondents were able to identify the most important shortcomings of the iPhone.


The most popular demand of consumers for future iPhone was more capacious battery. As it turned out, the majority of respondents simply did not have enough battery life, which is able to provide the devices current generations.

Unbreakable iPhone screen

On the second place in demand was unbreakable screen. Many respondents frankly admitted that at least once changed the display after at his own carelessness dropped the smartphone on a tiled floor. Especially “lucky” and asked for replacement two or more times.

Headphone Jack

Third place ranking by USA Today took the headphone Jack. Despite the fact that mini-Jack has disappeared from the iPhone almost two years ago, quite a fair amount of users have been unable to come to terms with this fact.

Increase your memory iPhone

Other respondents, surprisingly, in varying degrees, advocated for the extension of embedded storage. For example, according to crystal rose, who spoke to a reporter of USA Today, she is all the time there is not enough memory in the iPhone, so it would be ideal if Apple increased the amount of available default space.

Memory card for iPhone

Daniel Haslett agreed with rose, but I prefer that Cupertino has solved the problem of lack of memory by adding memory card slot. Thus, he said, the consumer would not buy iPhone with the maximum amount of storage in reserve, but simply to expand the available space, when necessary.


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