Google and Apple have stopped letting contractors to listen to recordings of voice assistants. The IT giants have responded to the publication The Guardian that Apple regularly have access to sensitive user data, including medical diagnoses or about the intimate life.

Big brother woke up. First that the subcontractors will lose access to user accounts, Apple said. Almost immediately fuss of Google there claiming that halted the practice in mid-July.

Why is IT companies do allow people to eavesdrop on users? For training virtual assistants. When you ask Siri and she doesn’t understand you, the developer is the signal that the algorithm is flawed and it should “finish my studies”.

The record is sent to the server of the company and the person listening — this is often a third-party contractor. Of course, there are levels of protection — Apple emphasizes that people treated less than 1% obscure queries, and the data received partners in anonymised form; in Google, this record is even deliberately distorted to ensure the privacy of users.

However, according to the publication The Guardian, which provoked the reaction of the IT giants, Apple contractors are sometimes heard and personal health information, and the sounds of carnal love, and even talks about selling drugs sometimes say, “Hey, Gray,” and the assistant hears the Hey, Siri. Whether it is possible to protect against such leaks? The situation is commented by blogger Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov:

“Actually, the most simple — to-use Internet services at all or have any of your accounts, and here we are talking about social networking, about Google accounts, Apple accounts, and so on. But the truth is that in the modern world without such account it is impossible to do almost anything, from the ability to download the app from the store to the taxi. So I think that it is not necessary to paranoia, nothing terrible happens. Indeed, all companies now monitor the movements of people, what people do on the Internet, watching some separate elements, but it remains on the servers of the company, or at all, as in the case of quality control Siri, impersonal, and therefore, the company does not know from whom it is specifically arrived. So I would here is not particularly dreaded and enjoyed all the services as before.”

As claimed by Apple and Google, the privacy policies of the companies will finalize, and the device will prompt the user to agree or not to send anonymous data to improve voice assistants. “Yandex” in the story did not react, but the company is certainly having learned from past experience, continues the editor in chief Renat Grishin:

“With “Yandex” there was a story a few years ago, when Android was “Yandex. Navigator”. They have introduced there the possibility to tell them the address and found that “Yandex. Navigator” is constantly listening to what’s going on. Then, “Yandex” has quite the reputation lost because he was attacked for what they listen to. After this kind of leaks already, but I think that “Yandex” this lesson is very well remembered, and if “Alice” will be something similar like Siri from Google, I think they will quickly respond and also, at least, will claim that the pause is discernment. Now it is very the wave of discussion began to fight for their privacy, although it has in fact long time no one”.

That perfect privacy no longer exists, IT experts say in unison. Errors, omissions, bookmarks, “Russian hackers” and foreign intelligence services, in the end, neglecting the basic rules of cybersecurity — from just will not save.

But at least part of the confusion can be avoided if you take your virtual assistant like a real assistant. Useful when he or she is near. But, when having sex, better send Siri into the other room.

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