Apple and Google were quick to announce that their contractors will cease to listen to the conversations of users of voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant, after was published an anonymous interview with former and current contractors companies, according to news Agency “Khabarovsk Krai today” with reference to “Izvestia”. They said that people listen to live recordings of the users devices to improve the quality of their work. So, the contractor Google merged the Belgian edition of a thousand such records.

A contractor for Apple confessed to The Guardian that he and colleagues often hear on records, how people have sex, buy drugs, or describe their health, — said the publication. In particular, this happens when people accidentally hold the call button voice assistant.

Long been known that the conversations of users are analyzed. But it was believed that this makes self-learning artificial intelligence. But it turned out that it is not. And if some manufacturers have wisely provided the option to disable in the settings of the collection data, only Apple is preparing to release such updates. “Izvestia” appealed to “Yandex” to find out whether the employees of the company interviews users with an assistant named Alice. From the response of the press service of the company leaves that listen.

For speech recognition, addressed to Alice, we use machine learning. Manual marking of references is only necessary to improve the quality of the voice assistant. So do many developers of voice systems, both Russian and foreign. In addition, we also modifies the samples of the voice as a further precaution, therefore, possible to identify the author of a particular phrase does not exist, — said the press service of “Yandex”.

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