It turned out that Microsoft also has used third-party people to listen to the entries of users to communicate through the service of translator Skype Translator with voice assistant Cortana.

Edition Motherboard has collected evidence of the involvement of contractors for listening to some calls, which translates Skype. Some experts were surprised, because he believed that Microsoft uses for this purpose artificial intelligence.

Also the Motherboard says that hired us technogiant people are listening to and recording conversations users with voice assistant Cortana.

Official representatives of Microsoft, in response, stated that the documentation of the Skype Translator and Cortana clearly States that this approach is used to improve the services of the Corporation.

Recall that in the same practices he was accused and Google — contractors regularly listened to recordings of people talking with the cloud personal assistant Google Assistant (Google now). Usually users access the helper using your smartphone or speaker Google Home.

The Internet giant has suspended the analysis of the voice recordings with a virtual assistant after a recent leak of records affecting Dutch users.

Apple temporarily suspends the practice of engaging contractors for analysis the records of users to communicate with voice assistant Siri. Previously, the Corporation claimed that this is done to detect errors and improve quality of service.

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