Streaming continues to gain momentum; according to the data released by the company Conviva, in the first quarter of this year audience growth of streaming services has increased dramatically — the audience was 72% more compared to last year, the growth rate increased by 49%.

Faster consumption grows on TV screens was 74.3% compared to last year. They now account for 56.1% of the entire audience. Decent growth in the first quarter showed the audience mobile devices is 72.5%.

One of the factors of growth for streaming was the increase in the number of users of the virtual multi-channel aggregators (MVPD), such as DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling TV and YouTube. In the segment of these operators have been 108% increase in the number of users (for all other platforms, the growth was 60%).

Oddly enough, the largest number of views collected is not the super bowl and match the student’s American football championship, in which a team of Clemson University defeated opponents from the University of Alabama. Stream collected by 37.6% more views than the same event last year.

Daily peak hits in the first quarter increased compared to last year’s 76%.

The quality of transmission remains an important factor in the proliferation of streaming: the number of problems with buffering decreased by 34%. However, playback issues continue to plague advertisers invest larger budgets to video advertising: according to Conviva, to 47% of movies fail.

The most popular streaming device (42% of total sales) were Roku devices. Gaining popularity Amazon Fire TV, their users account for 18.6% of total (last year they accounted for 11.4 per cent).

Conviva analysts note that Internet capabilities for video playback are not limitless and with the growth of the audience of streaming services and of sales of the relevant device quality data transmission is technically much more complicated.

However, Conviva forecast for 2019 is optimistic: in the field of streaming broadcast will be a big breakthrough, especially with the launch of new services from Disney, Apple and WarnerMedia.

“The players linear TV and large technology companies in competition with the streaming industry make the right bet on the content, but they have to compete with a popular with their own products separate streaming platforms. However, despite the fact that the content attracts the audience, the quality of the overall user experience of viewing remains the most important factor of monetization and conquer the audience. In the struggle for their share of a crowded market of streaming services must strive for technical perfection” — summarize your report experts Conviva.


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