Analysts at Conviva published a report on the study of the streaming market as of the end of the third quarter. It turned out that the quality of streaming has grown considerably, but advertisers began to experience more problems.

In comparison with indicators of year prescription, crashes at the start of the video playback was less than 10%, the rollers run on 6% faster, a number of problems with buffering decreased by 33%, and the picture quality on average has improved by 3%. In mobile format problems with buffering was much less glitches at the start were least likely to 2%, and the startup speed of the rollers was improved by only 4%.

Fast masters online NFL format, the positions of sports organizations on the streaming market is almost as strong as on traditional TV: the number of streaming hits the NFL increased by 77%, and the total time hits increased by 50%. The number of views on mobile devices grew by 109% on smart TV — 66%. To watch the NFL on PC were less likely 11%.

Far less joyful was statistics for advertisers: according to Conviva, proved ineffective at 39.6% streaming advertising. The start time of commercials is also growing, reaching 16.1 per sec while buffering increases the time of viewing the advertisement 45.9% of the length of the roller.

The streaming is also, as it turned out, negatively affects the duration of views of content. From 9% to 20% of viewers stop watching a video when it is interrupted by an advertising insert. During streaming of sports broadcasts the first advertising insert reduces audience on average 18%, further insertion affect the outflow of spectators less.

While browsing news content fourth advertising insert cuts 20% of the audience, in the case of the ill-fated television series, the fourth movie makes 17% of the audience to stop continue watching, among fans of reality shows such as 16%. Overall, the fourth commercials may lose patience to 54% of the audience.

Consumption of content more intensively other formats there is a growing segment of Connected TV — the number of viewing hours increased by 58%. The growth of content consumption on the PC was 36%, in a mobile format — 33%.

The most popular brand in the market of streaming devices with the increased consumption of 73% was Roku (44% of market share), followed by Amazon Fire TV (20%) and Apple TV (9%).

Conviva also found that the transmission quality on Roku is much improved, and problems with the launch of the video was less than 52%. The other XBox users rarely have problems with buffering, and Apple TV video runs faster than on other consoles.


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