Cost of diagnostics MacBook official Apple in Rossiiyu that MacBook and MacBook Pro (models from 2016) is set too gentle keyboard, written thousands of pages of discussions on the thematic forums.

Years later a war of words between users and Apple, the company admitted that the keyboard is of the type “butterfly” has a major engineering defect.

As compensation, Apple has launched an extended service program laptops, whose owners are faced with an arbitrary pressing, sticking and jamming of the keys.

Such replacement authorized service centers to perform for free.

But in reality it is not so simple. Repair really free. But only warranty.

You are relying on a completely free warranty repair. That is the price of the repair for you, as a person who bought a MacBook from an authorized reseller should be $ 0.

But it turns out not so. There is such a thing as a diagnostic device. Without it the service in any way.

Information on this topic is available on the official website of the company.

How to enter the Russian service centers?

The point is that the owner of the laptop which was faced with the problem keyboard, and a laptop which is still in warranty the following, representatives of the service requires payment for diagnostics.

Happening all like this.

You bring the MacBook to an authorized service center (ASC), provide proof of purchase, warranty card. Ask to resolve the issue with the keyboard, replacing it.

The representative of the ASTs suggests that there are suspicions that your laptop does not fall under the warranty, arguing that the failure could occur due to ingress of liquid, dust, food, and so on.

As a result, the warranty repairs may be denied. But! IN the DIAGNOSIS with you sderut money. Yes, even if the repair was not carried out.

The cost of such diagnosis, each different ASTs. Here is the price list for some similar service in the service centers located in Moscow and the regions.

And in the case of recognition of out-of-warranty case will have to pay.

And when you recognize that there is no guarantee?

To refuse warranty repair with all the consequences that can for the following reasons:

— Inside the enclosure there are traces of moisture. Yes, every MacBook has a special white label that turn red upon contact with water, the operation of the device in conditions of high humidity)

— The laptop has been tampered with in an unauthorized service center, or you decided to repair independently, and violated the warranty. If it is repaired in the ASC, then when you call the authorised service centre know about it from the serial numbers the model and in the warranty repair will not refuse.

— Housing is too critical signs of damage, usually caused by dropping the device. Here, by the way, can warn before the diagnosis.

Sadly, that applies to this situation and the warranty cases on replacement displays. Yes, the same story with peeling antebellum coverage MacBook Pro 2013 — 2015 release.

By the way, if you notice this with their laptops to contact the service center, and free repair you have four years from the date of purchase.

It’s no trick

To summarize, you should understand that the authorized service center not seeking to make money on you.

Apple has a clear policy of reception devices that need warranty repairs. Carrying out diagnostics, service center is obliged to provide it free of charge, but only if your MacBook is indeed covered by warranty.

Otherwise, if you give the laptop, which is bathed in the gentle beaches of Sochi, and now he seizes the keyboard, no one’s free to change. You will pay for diagnostics and a representative of the ASC will offer you a paid repair.

With the technology Apple have to develop their own style of treatment. Whether we like it or not.

P. S. For the tip thank our readers Ruslana.

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