Moscow, November 23 — “News. Economy” In the third quarter of 2018, manufacturers of mobile devices produced a total of approximately 492 million units, with the smartphone segment saw a decline, and the supply of cheaper push-button phones with a smaller set of features than “smart” models have increased year on year, according to research company Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

The trend of the growing popularity of simple push-button phones were also observed in the previous quarter. Experts estimate that in July-September on the world market received 380 million smartphones, which is 5% less than a year ago. A downward trajectory showed all regions of the world, and the most pronounced decline was in Latin America, where deliveries fell by almost 7% compared to the level in 2017.

China remains the largest market for smartphones, but the negative dynamics on it does not stop for five consecutive quarters. India showed record results and outperformed U.S. deals, ranking the second after China place.

The share of the ten largest manufacturers of smartphones accounted for almost 80% of the global shipments of devices. This means that others are more than 600 vendors competed for the remaining approximately 20% of the market.

[PICTURE] [/PICTURE] of the three leaders on an international scale, companies Samsung, Huawei and Apple with market shares of 19%, 14% and 12%. The best dynamics of growth — 73% — was observed in the HMD of the company, which sells smartphones under the brand Nokia. In Asia, while leading Chinese company Oppo with 16%, followed by Huawei and Vivo with 15%, Xiaomi with 14% and Samsung with 10%.

In North America, naturally, the first place is Apple with a huge share of 37%. Samsung is in second place with 25%. In Europe, Samsung is leading with 31%. He also took first place in Latin America (37%), Africa and the middle East (25%).

As for push-button telephones, their supplies around the world during the period under review rose by 3% and reached 112 million shares. Ahead of all the growth rate was MEA region (middle East and Africa), which grew by 32%. In Latin America registered a 3% growth, while in other regions saw a decline.

Most popular cheap keypad phones in middle East and African countries and in India: together they accounted for more than 70% of total device shipments.

Among the brands leading iTel and Tecno, who is more than 20% of the world market of keypad phones and the MEA region, their share reaches 46%.

About the decline in sales compared to the same period last year and say these other companies, IDC — 355.2 million against 377,8 million smartphones, that is minus 6% in relative units. Note that this in September to a forecast by IDC, the smartphone market should return to growth in the second half of the year and grow steadily to 2022.

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