About that “is no agreement”, once again became clear during Friday’s altercation, U.S. President Donald trump and the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, after which Paris and Washington was on the verge of a trade war. And now France and macron are the headliners in European foreign policy, taking over this role from leaving his post of Angela Merkel.

Trade war the United States and France and the Anglo-American Alliance

The main differences between Him and trump relate to U.S. import duties that deprive the profit of the European business and further exacerbate the political confrontation between the EU and the US.

Trump has threatened to impose duties on French wines if France would introduce a tax on large American tech companies. Earlier in Paris announced the introduction of “digital tax” of 3% on the income in France “Google” (Google), Amazon (Amazon), Apple (Apple), Facebook (Facebook) and other us Internet companies (also called “tax on Google”).

“France just entered the digital tax in respect of our great American technology companies. If anyone should exact taxes from them, that is their native country, the USA. We will soon announce a substantial response to the stupidity of Macron. I have always said that the American wine better than the French,” wrote trump on Twitter. “The white house uses the French digital tax in an attempt to “divide and rule” the EU. This is one test of whether the support of European leaders in Paris,” said “Country” journalist “Bloomberg” Lionel Laurent. The rift between France and the United States emerged, despite the fact that the macron, a former employee of the Rothschild Bank, is considered a protégé of the international financial community, and it is often accused of Pro-American tendency in foreign policy.

But the planned new Anglo-American Alliance, which will compete with the EU. Britain along with the United States, according to experts, can create a new, upgraded center of power, what more could weaken, and so in crisis the United Europe. After the election of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who intends at any price to finish the operation at the exit of Britain from the EU, the Turkish foreign Ministry announced the desire to create a free trade area with London. “Trade between Britain and the United States seriously disturb the relations of London with the EU”, — quotes trump’s “sky news” (Sky News). The US President said that after Brexia the volume of trade with the UK will rise to five times.

“Sanctions imposed because of Ukraine. Remember this country?”

At the same time, the Old Europe is trying to normalize relations with Russia, defending its own interests, experts say. France and Germany are giving signals of rapprochement with Russia, fed by the construction of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. And after returning of the Russian delegation to the Council of Europe, experts predict a full-scale lifting of sanctions with Russia.

“Forbes” (Forbes) directly writes that the reasons for sanctions against Russia is no more. And hinted that about Ukraine in the West have forgotten. “The sanctions were imposed because of Russia’s involvement in the separatist movement in the Donbass. Yes, it is Ukraine. Remember this country?” — Forbes quips. On ze writing that he “determined not so strongly against Putin, as a former President of Petro Poroshenko.” “In other words, if there is no geopolitical surprise from the Ukraine (which is unlikely), Syria (which is possible) or Iran (this is also possible), the strengthening of sanctions against Russian corporations will soon come to an end,” — predicts edition.

“Macron wants Putin’s allies”

Experts also talk about the Franco-Russian rapprochement. The macron after the summit “Big twenty” in Osaka in June this year, accepted the invitation of the Russian President Putin to visit Moscow on the 75th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, and Putin must come to the Macron August 19 at his residence in the French Fort Bregancon, where a French chap spends his summer vacation. “To invite the Russian colleague to Bregancon means to stress personal relations with the master of the Kremlin,” writes “Le Monde” (Le Monde).

Iconic, according to French experts, the fact that rendezvous Putin and the Macron will be a few days before the summit “the Big seven” which will take place 24-26 August in France, in the resort Biarritz. The French President wants to bring Putin into the circle “rukopozhatnyh” world leaders, writes the edition. “First, France needs allies in the Iranian nuclear dossier. After the US withdrew from the agreement, macron assumed the role of chief negotiator to rescue the nuclear deal,” explains Le Monde. And Russia has great influence in Iran.

But there are more global causes related to the confrontation with the United States. As a journalist of the newspaper at the Elysee Palace, the French President wishes to pursue a policy different from the European one. It is a “return to the policy of Charles de Gaulle”, who distanced themselves from the Americans and put France on a par with the United States. The US and the EU for the first time clearly did not get along at last year’s G7 meeting in Quebec. Trump left the summit without waiting for the end and refused to sign the final communiqué.

The world press has renamed “Seven” in the “6+1”, fixing a distancing US from other members of the club and their values. Then came the question of the possible return of Russia to the “club of eight”. To bring Russia back into the “Big eight” proposed trump (although it sounded like trolling allies). “Whether you like it or not, but you need to rule the world, and the “Big seven” thrown Russia out of the group. Russia needs to return, we need it at the negotiating table!” said trump. Macron then linked the return of Moscow in the group with the implementation of the Minsk agreements. According to him, he wanted to reach the summit in Biarritz was held with the participation of Russia in the G8 format. “Macron wants Russia to return, but right on it is not pointing”, comments Le Monde. However, the newspaper writes, the “point of friction” between France and Russia left.

“First of all, the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. Without the implementation of the Minsk agreements cannot format recovery Big eight, I think at the Elysee Palace. In June, during the summit of the Big twenty in Osaka, the French President defended the “liberal values”, criticized by Vladimir Putin. We should not forget that during the first meeting of the two presidents in Versailles Emmanuel macron has shown its firmness in relation to the observance of human rights in Russia and against Russian media negatively covered the election campaign of Macron”, — writes the edition.

But Kiev and Paris has clearly hinted that it is time to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. During the visit of see in Paris in June, macron made it clear ze what is time to change the line of his predecessor, and declared openly about the need for dialogue with Russia over the Donbass problem. “We want to return to the Minsk format, so that the country returned to peace. I am ready to support you, Mr. President, in this intention. And in the dialogue with Russia,” said macron, then ze at a joint press conference.

“In Paris and Berlin set the goal to reconcile with Kiev and Moscow to resolve the conflict in the Donbas. And then you can safely remove anti-Russian sanctions that will help the development of European business and the launch of “Nord stream — 2″, which will provide Europe with cheap Russian gas. In this respect, it is important to the understanding of Kiev. In addition, the Macron — a more global interests. Paris fighting for geopolitical influence with Berlin and Washington. The strengthening of American influence in Europe — not in the interests of the French President,” said “Country” French journalist Lucas Talarn.

“Union from “Lisbon to Vladivostok”

As noted in conversation with “Country,” political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko, the economic conflict of the US with France due to the attempts of Paris to defend their interests in the digital industry and U.S. overtures to the British with the announcement of the deepening of economic relations remarkably in sync.

“Most likely, it is not only a policy of carrot and stick Washington’s attitude towards the EU. We are witnessing a deep-seated processes occurring in the world. If a few years ago it was possible to speak about the consolidated policy of the West (USA + EU + Canada), today is disengagement. Creates a political-economic bloc of the US-UK-Canada, which was the result of Breccia and confrontation between the United States and Western Europe. In parallel, countries in the Western part of the EU (Germany and France) are moving in the direction of creating a free trade zone “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, — said Bondarenko.

United States, according to the expert, are trying to prevent the establishment of this zone and strengthen its infrastructure projects (such as “Nord stream — 2”).

“This happens due to the activation of satellites such as Ukraine, Poland, Baltic States, and due to the sanctions policy, and due to the active work of numerous agents of influence in Europe (for example, Stephen Bannon, a former ideologue of trump, who only plays in rebelliousness against Washington, but actually is part of a single process). Attacks against France are not new. The US reacted rather painfully to the Aachen Treaty between France and Germany in January 2019 and also openly supported antimicrobia elements (Le Pen, “yellow jackets”, which, contrary to popular belief, is more focused on Steve Bannon, than Russia). To declare open economic war needed an excuse. Found it — in a fair attempt of the French government to raise taxes for major U.S. Internet companies. By the way, this confrontation happens in front of an approaching meeting of Him and Putin on 19 August. So it pays to stock up on popcorn and watch the situation,” — said Bondarenko.

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