Company Cowon has announced in our country the new headphones Plenue X30 from the premium segment. The model is positioned as a monitor, but it can be easily used even with the players (definitely hi-fi — premium, after all), though with smartphones (at least Samsung S10+ in ceramics for 120 thousand rubles), although with tablets (only iPad Pro 2018 in the most expensive configuration). Of course, this is a joke — the headphones will delight in the sound of the holders of any gadgets, regardless of their value.

Each of the two headphones Cowon Plenue X30 consists of three balanced armature drivers which are responsible, respectively, for low, medium and high frequencies. Also there is a three-band dividing filter, which achieve a harmonic and balanced sound. The package includes a set of ear cushions in different sizes, so you can listen to music without risk to damage your hearing. By the way, in-ear headphones, which are and Cowon Plenue X30, still can cause discomfort in the ears, so no harm will be regular check-up at the ENT For health it is necessary to follow! Also with the Cowon Plenue X30 is supplied with two cables, including balanced and a leather case for storage and transport. The cost of new items is unknown.

Meanwhile, specialists portal iFixit got to the newfangled wireless headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds, announced on 20 February along with the Galaxy S10 and now on sale. They disassembled them for parts and was very surprised by their suitability to repair. Inside the headphones showed a standard food item CP1254 A3, which is easy to find and replace, and other components are also easily replaced with new in case of breakage. Out of 10 points on a scale of maintainability Samsung Buds got 6 points, and it is more than a decent result. For example, wireless headphones Apple AirPods first and only generation earned exactly 0 points — they are impossible to disassemble without damage.

In short, modern headphones are getting better quality and safe, and by the way, not far off the release of the Apple AirPods 2, which may be more maintainable. But, no matter how expensive or was your headphones, your own ears are always more expensive — do not listen to music at full volume, otherwise the old age will have to change the brand of the headset on the hearing aid.

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